4 Rules of Using Steroids You Should Know


Anabolic steroids are a classification of drugs meant for medical or recreational use. When used for the latter, the drugs can present great result in increased muscle growth and strength. However, the problem here is that many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who are first-time androgenic anabolic steroid users have difficulty in using the drugs within the recommended boundaries.

As a result, these users face short and long-term adverse effects. Some individuals who extend the use of steroids may even face permanent negative side effects. Even if some steroids do bring about some side effects during cycles, these negative results tend to disappear after use. Hence, we can see that the safest way to use anabolic steroids is to stay within the borders of its recommended use. Therefore, it’s significantly important to know the rules of using steroids before attempting to buy the product in the first place.

Rule #1 – Don’t Use Steroids If You’re Under 23 Years Old

It’s not common for young people to use steroids, and research even indicates that there’s a large percentage of men and women users who are in their 20s use at least one anabolic steroid in their lifetime. Further studies do show that the bad effects of anabolics are more apparent to younger users in comparison to users who are already in their 30s or 40s. The use of steroids in a precocious manner can bring about bad influences to the reproductive, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and psychological systems. Furthermore, there are some androgenic anabolic steroids that can put additional strain on the liver. If the body isn’t mature enough, then avoid planning to use Stanozolol.

Rule #2 – Only Use Steroids If You’re Already at Peak Health


If you already have 3 years in working out, and you’re already above 23 years old, then it might cross your mind to use steroids, especially when you’re no longer happy with the results of your workout. Keep in mind that anabolic steroids are still an excellent addition to your regular workout and diet routines, but you need to reach your peak natural limits first before considering the use of this drug. With regular diet and exercise, you can safeguard the gains you made, especially when you’re under a steroid cycle program. Do everything properly, and you’ll allow your body to break through its natural limits while limiting any adverse effects that may (or may not) flare up.

Rule #3 – Consult Your Doctor Before Using Any Steroid


Many steroid users think that some adverse effects only happen because of the use of the drug. However, most of the side effects aren’t caused by anabolic steroid use, but the drugs can worsen any underlying health condition. For instance, there are some steroids that can aggravate hypertension, baldness, acne, and liver disease. It can also flare up symptoms of aggravation and other psychological disorders. Therefore, it’s an absolute must to consult your physician before attempting any use of steroids.

Rule #4 – Start With a Short Steroid Cycle


If you’re new to the world of steroid use, then you should let your body adjust to the changes. As such, it’s advisable to use a short steroid cycle of 3 to 5 weeks instead of the usual 4 to 6 weeks. In doing so, you’ll allow your body to adjust to the new substances. Also, keep in mind that steroids will put significant stress on your organs, especially to your liver. Hence, the shorter the cycle, the better.

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