5 methods Let your feet whitening


Beauty has always been to win the details. If the light has a delicate face and a pair of hand-trimmed properly, it really can not be called perfect, please see the foot to say it!

Our facial sunscreen double heart, hands will also be taken care of, but the foot was a lot of people overlook, it is easy to tan, and leave a distinctive shoe prints, people see that you are wearing bandage is still set foot, if we neglect to remove dead skin, the color and texture that foot will soon be in stark contrast with the skin. If you do not so exaggerated, we must do a good job of whitening your feet and legs seem to grasp the white tips.

1, foot scrub

Foot thick keratin often already dead, this time can not be rushed, the dream again to restore soft white valuables. Every time you use exfoliating products, you should be circling approach allows gentle exfoliating particles rolling, in conjunction with a little warm water for a long time, soften skin, so peeling is more gentle and effective. Paying particular attention to the edge of toenails, Zuxin and heels and other parts of the most easy accumulation of keratin.

2, Nourish

Foot nourish the majority of products are somewhat oily, thick, dry foot skin because the emulsion is often not penetrate into play was blocked out quickly evaporate. Therefore, the use of these slightly oily product, be sure to tie massage push up the ingredients into the skin, and then put on a clean cotton socks to fall asleep or stay at least half an hour, like a mask to do the same to the foot can also be enough film to make nourish truly effective, reducing the generation of nursing dead. If you expect to go out the words, but also high-powered sunscreen applied for the foot, which is extremely important to look white.

Three, coated with significant foot white nail polish

I do not know since when, naked women toenails may be that there is no interest in life, even beneath etiquette, which is more than not painted fingernails also make people feel turnovers. And if you want to become white feet, do not vote for those light and bright colors, but to choose a dark matte color, contrasting with the white skin, such as dark red, dark brown, purple and black or simply are some of the flavors of these , so your feet will seem lovely and tender.

4, wearing a dark sandals

Do not think that will appear light-colored sandals foot white, lighter than the color but will Chende foot sandals very dark, people are concentrated in the sight of the shoes, but ignored his feet, and sandals are contrasting dark feet Ministry of white skin, not easy to show the dirt, so I suggest you be sure to prepare a few pairs of dark sandals oh.

5, take some foot jewelry

Rose gold, silver necklace will make the skin look white translucent, so you can also use this trick in the feet, choose to decorate your feet nice anklets, enhance the overall fair degree.

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