7 Hairstyles that will slim your face


There are so many hair trends that pop up every year that it can be difficult to keep up with it all, knowing that most styles either won’t work with your hair or your face shape.

With so many styles though there’s bound to be something that suits you and slims your face because not everybody can pull off the slicked back glam ponytail or the ever-so-in high bun.

  1. Messy Ponytail

This textured do can be worn by any lady with a fuller face. All it needs is some texture and a strong hair tie. It’s easy to do before a night out, all you need is the right products.

  1. Side Braid

A voluminous braid that frames the side of the face, it’s sexy and easy to pull. And not difficult to do on your own.

  1. Messy Bob

If you’re tired of your straight bob try a messier version instead. The full, textured look will slim down your face. And you’ll rack in the compliments for trying something new.

  1. Jet-Straight & Long

Straight long hair that frames your face will instantly make your cheeks look slimmer by hiding them. It’s also a very elegant and glamorous look that never goes out of style.

  1. Bangs

Don’t think blunt bangs but instead, go for a textured and wispy fringe. It basically cuts your face in half, making it appear slimmer. Just remember bangs can be high maintenance, so make sure you’ll be up for the challenge.

  1. Lots of Layers

All the layers and volume that frames your face takes centre stage in this look. Layers always get compliments.

  1. The Pixie

The pixie cut isn’t just for the fairy lookalike who works as your local barista anymore. If it’s cut the right way you can make your face look thinner in instant.

All of the styles and cuts will help a round face look slimmer. Just remember at the end of the day you can do whatever you want with your hair. If you like staying on trend then keep on doing you. And if you’re still rocking your long straight hair from high school and you still love it, then keep it up.

Hair is a personal thing, and the decision always lies with you. You can always have a chat with your hairstylist for new ideas and product suggestions.

Keep on being you!

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