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Stay Fashion Forward with a Fashion Agent

If you want to keep up with the current trends and always be the best-dressed of your friends, you will need to dedicate some time to following fashion companies and fashion agents. These businesses and specially trained fashion experts have an insider view of the fashion industry. In fact, by working so closely with designers, they are able to influence and predict coming fashion trends.

Working with Designers

Fashion agents are important to designers and are able to get their products out in front of people. They especially shine during Fashion Week and are in charge of setting up collections so that buyers can see them. More than just setting up a showroom, though, fashion agents in DT4 are experts at making the clothing and accessories seem approachable as well as desirable.

Showrooms and Portfolios

Fashion agents will work with companies to set up showrooms and will typically earn commissions from the sales of any merchandise displayed there. If you are looking to get work as a fashion agent, it’s important to take time to design a strong portfolio of your past work. Companies will look at the brands that you have represented in the past as well as how long you were with each company when considering whether or not to hire you.

Good fashion agents understand exactly what the public is looking for. They interact with people to learn about what they need and want and then search for those items to display in their showrooms. By combining items that the public wants along with ones that they think will sell, they create a well-mixed showroom for their designers.

More than just the middleman between the fashion companies and buyers, fashion agents are an important part of making sure that what is designed and sold appeals to the masses. With their intimate understanding of how the fashion industry works as well as how to market clothing and accessories, their role in the marketing of fashion should not be understated.

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Top Tips to Help You Choose the Right Cut and Colour

It’s important to choose the right cut and colour for your face shape and skin tone. Everyone has different characteristics and physical traits that will influence what kind of style will look best. Your hair texture should be taken into consideration when choosing a hairstyle as well.

Not to mention, everyone has a different sense of personal style, which is what makes choosing a hairstyle both challenging and exciting.

To help you choose the right hairstyle, you’ll have to know what to look for. You’ll need to determine your skin tone and your preferences and you may also want to consult with Samuel Peter hairdressers in Warrington. There are lots of strategies that you can use to help you choose the right haircut and colour.

Determine Your Face Shape

Everyone has a unique face shape. However, you can determine what category your shape belongs to. This will help you choose the right cut.

  • Oval: Individuals with oval-shaped faces usually have a wide forehead and prominent cheekbones. This is one of the most versatile face shapes.
  • Style Recommendation: Textured bobs are great for your shape, but you can choose almost any style because of your shape.
  • Long: Individuals with long-shaped faces have elongated faces that tend to be narrower than other face shapes. Individuals with long face shapes sometimes have prominent chins.
  • Style Recommendation: Try not to part your hair in the middle to accentuate your face length; choose fringe and blunt cuts; and add waves to soften your face.
  • Round: Individuals with round-shaped faces are even and widest at the cheeks.
  • Style Recommendation: Choose longer styles that lengthen your face, soft layers, and volume.
  • Square: Individuals with square-shaped faces usually have a forehead, cheeks, and a jawline that are similar, if not the same width. Also, square boney jawlines are common.
  • Style Recommendation: Avoid blunt cuts that add to the squareness of your face. Instead, add layers and soft curls for balance.
  • Heart: Individuals with heart-shaped faces have a strong taper towards the chin and have prominent foreheads.
  • Style Recommendation: Try a side part to flatter your face and avoid heavy fringe.
  • Diamond: Individuals with diamond-face shapes are angular. This is one of the most uncommon face shapes.
  • Style Recommendation: Avoid longer cuts. Pixie cuts are ideal for your face shape.

Determine Your Season

For colour, you’ll want to take your skin tone and eye colour into consideration. To do this, you’ll need to consult with a specialist since there are categories within each season. Here is a brief description of each season relating to skin tone, eye colour, and natural hair colour. Usually, it’s good to choose colour shades within your season when considering dyeing.

  • Spring: Those who are springs most commonly have blue, green, topaz, or hazel eyes. They will usually have warmer-toned hair, usually with golden highlights. Their skin will also have warm pink undertones.
  • Summer: Those who are summers usually have blue or green eyes. They may have ashy tones in their hair as well.
  • Autumn: Those who are autumns have brown, green, hazel, or occasionally blue or mixed-colour eyes. Their hair tends to have warm and red tones. In addition, autumns usually have golden or olive undertones in their skin.
  • Winter: Those who are winters tend to have dark blue, green, grey, or brown eyes. Those who are winters don’t have warm tones in their hair, which is commonly dark. Skin tone varies, but will have cool undertones and may be paler.

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Charm Beads – Why Are They So Popular

Charm beads are collected (predominantly by women) the world over, with Pandora and Trollbeads the two most popular designers and producers of charm beads at the present point in time.

These popular and often very unique beads adorn a wide range of jewellery ranging from bracelets and earrings to bangles and necklaces and they’re available in an even broader range of materials that includes zirconia, enamel, glass, gold and ceramic, to name just a few of the many different materials that you can select from when purchasing charm beads online or from a bricks-and-mortar store, of which there are many around the world.

Pandora and Trollbeads – The Two Big Names in Charm Beads

If you’ve heard of charm beads you’d know that Pandora and Trollbeads are the two big names in charm beads, with the former the current market leader at the present point in time. That isn’t to say that Trollbeads is a lesser name, far from it, it’s just that Pandora seems to have more of a global reach than its main competitor at present.

That, however, can quickly change, and in fact, as Trollbeads are so immensely popular the world over, especially retired Trollbeads (a retired Trollbead is an in-demand charm bead because it has been discontinued to make way for a new line of jewellery by this world-leading charm bead producer), which are in great demand because of their scarcity and rareness. If you’re an avid collector of these charm beads, which many women are, there’s a good chance that you’re dying to get your hands on some of the most popular retired Trollbeads currently in circulation.

Trollbeads is considered to be the originator of charm beads, with brother and sister Søren Nielsen and Lise Aagaard releasing the first charm beads back in 1976. Pandora arrived on the scene a little later, but has since capitalised on the demand for charm beads across the world and has snared some lucrative contracts, including that of Disney, which has made them the world-leader.

That’s another of the many reasons why Trollbeads charm beads are in such demand, because they haven’t gone down the same commercial path that Pandora has. For many people, this makes their beautifully created and crafted charms so much more unique (and they really are unique when compared to other charm beads on the market) and that only adds to their appeal among collectors.

Charm Bead Styles – A World of Choice

It can safely be said that collectors have a world of choice (or maybe even a universe of choice) where charm beads are concerned as there are so many different charms and styles to choose from. Moreover, as charm beads can be personalised, collectors are presented with even more opportunities to make their already unique charms even more exceptional and inimitable should they choose to do so.

Whether you’re a fan of Trollbeads or Pandora, or perhaps both of the world’s leading producers of charm beads, you’re presented with an amazing selection of charm beads to collect.

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Three Popular Hair Straightening Solutions

Women who have curly or frizzy hair usually spend their mornings trying to tame it by using a flat iron. After doing this day after day for years, many of them look for more permanent solutions for straightening hair. If you want to find a solution for your frizzy hair, here are some of the available methods to straighten and smooth it.

Hair Permanents

The solutions found in some hair permanents will help people with frizzy, wavy, or curly hair straighten it. There are two solutions found in hair permanent kits, the first of which works to break the hair’s disulphide bond and the second of which is a fixative that reshapes the chemical bond of the hair. Most permanent hair straighteners use hydrogen peroxide as a fixative, but others can use water.

It is important to not wet treated hair for the first 24 hours or so, but the stylist who gives you the permanent will provide complete instructions on how to care for your hair. This is a more permanent solution, but as your hair grows, it will revert to its natural shape.

Keratin Hair Treatments

Many salons use keratin hair treatments to provide permanent hair straightening to clients who want to control their frizzy or wavy hair. Keratin is a natural protein and an important component in hair, skin, and nails. It protects them from damage and stress, and now it is used as a protein solution to help straighten hair.

A keratin treatment involves using a solution on the hair, and then using a flat iron as it is dried to straighten it. The keratin formula reconditions your hair and restructures its cuticles so it lays flat. Although it is considered a permanent hair straightening solution, as the hair grows out the effect will lessen, but your stylist will teach you how to make the treatment last longer.

Thermal Reconditioning

To straighten frizzy, wavy, or curly hair more permanently, thermal reconditioning uses heat as its main element. A special iron is used to produce heat which, when used with the chemical solution, restructures the hair’s bonds and reshapes the follicles so hair lays straight. As with most hair straightening solutions, as the hair grows back, it will revert to its natural shape, so you would need to have it redone.

Most women can expect this solution to last anywhere from 6 to 10 months, depending on how quickly their hair grows. Once it regrows to a decent length, many women cut off the straightened portion of their hair so it doesn’t look odd. They can then have their hair reconditioned again if they choose to do so.

As with most hair straightening methods, once your hair regrows, the effect will be lost because it will revert to its natural shape. While some of these methods allow you to re-treat your hair, you should be careful when doing so because the chemicals they use can damage it. However, when done correctly, these solutions will give you the straight hair you’ve always wanted.

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How to Shop Haute Couture with Your Daughter While Building Positive Body Image

There is nothing more human than having a passion for fashion. It’s one of our great means of self-expression, a way to transform yourself daily while showing off your personality.

That passion for fashion can start young, especially when it comes to young girls. Real fashion means fashioning and accessorising one’s own sense of self, and not simply cobbling together an unrealistic idea of beauty from what others deem it to be. Unrealistic standards of beauty, body shaming, and other causes of harmful self-image are all pressing concerns in the world of fashion and beyond. Too many girls grow up with body image problems, which begin in part by way of negative cultural stereotypes reinforced by unrealistic notions of beauty in terms of fashion choices and the manner in which they are presented.

Here is a quick guide to girl haute couture with a body-positive spin.

Encourage Choice

First and foremost, you always want to instil in your child that she has the right to choose. That’s an important life lesson no matter what, and it’s especially important when it comes to fashion. Letting your child have a say in their appearance not only leads to bolder fashion choices, but bolder children to boot. Haute couture accessories for kids is a great way to allow for this—choose a basic outfit and ask your daughter what she thinks would go well with it. Alternatively, let her pick out a few different fashion items she likes and go over them with her, asking what she likes about each one and buying the most appropriate items. That kind of interaction is key not just in terms of allowing your daughter a keen sense of style and self-expression, but likewise in setting yourself up as someone she can talk to and trust with her opinions, an invaluable bond to have throughout both your lives.

Embrace Colour

Whether you’re shopping for flower girl dresses, summer dresses, or other formal wear, colour is key. Not only do basic colour combos like red, black, and white go well with a variety of different looks, but the colour choices also open up another opportunity to let your daughter have a say in her appearance while still allowing you to ensure that it remains formal and respectful. For example, you can pick out a few basic shades or patterns based on a colour or two and ask your child which among them she likes the best. Variety—in terms of style, colour, texture, and any number of different fashion-savvy variables—is likewise key to allowing your daughter a say in her appearance while ensuring that the choices from which she may choose are respectable and parent-friendly. Sites such as encourage this element of choice with regards to colour and variety, offering a variety of different styles and colours which you and your daughter can peruse together.

There’s nothing more memorable than an unforgettable look, which is part clothes, part attitude, and all you. Give your girl the gift of choosing her own look and own way—haute couture and otherwise—as well as the knowledge that she’ll always have you as a fashion friend and lifelong confidant.

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Retro Styles for Modern Eyes

Retro fashions may seem a little odd to modern eyes, but the truth of the matter is that they can look amazing if you just know how to wear them right. When you are thinking about dressing retro on a regular basis, there are some items that you should consider. Knowing about some of these fabulous retro finds can help you add some real zing to your current wardrobe.

Pencil Skirts
Pencil skirts are wonderfully structured garments that go well with your office attire or your clubbing gear. While pencil skirts do very well for women with curvy hips, you’ll find that they can look great on nearly everyone. When you are shopping for a pencil skirt, keep it simple. A plain black pencil skirt is an excellent choice for any environment, but if you want something a little fancy, choose one with a small ruffle detail along the side. Pair your favorite pencil skirt with a fitted blouse that gives you a lovely silhouette.


Sunglasses can be a wonderful addition to the look that you are trying to achieve. While sunglasses often have a several styles that you can choose from, there are certain ones that evoke the retro style. Vintage eyewear is easy to find when you know the frame styles. Typically they resemble the cat-eyes look of the 60’s and 70’s along with the colorful bold frames the 60’s were famous for. When you are trying to accessorize, finding the right pair of sunglasses can make all of the difference.

When you are looking forward to fun in the summer sun, make sure that you consider how a retro swimsuit might look. Most retro swimsuits are one-pieces, and fairly modest ones at that, and this is perfect for the girl who is just a little tired of all of the monokinis out there! Consider a swimsuit in black and navy with polka dots, or one with just a little bit of a skirt around the hips. When you are going for cute and comfy at the same time, this is the perfect choice for you.

Though we usually associate retro styles with female clothing, there is still something to be said for retro T-shirts. Retro T-shirts are faded, fitted and usually adorably charming. Consider looking for T-shirts that feature old businesses, sports teams or anything else that you can think of.

“New Look” Dresses
The “New Look” was the term for the iconic fifties dress, one that is sleeveless or has cap sleeves, a fitted bodice and a bell-shaped skirt. This look is one that suits many women. For example, it offers you a gorgeous period silhouette, and it is one that can be adjusted to suit nearly any situation. For example, you’ll find that a short cotton New Look dress is a good choice when you are ready to go out to the sunny beach or on a pleasant picnic. These dresses can be flirty or severe, and you will find that they come in a number of different patterns as well.

Ifits one thing that you can see a lot of in retro pictures, its scarves. When you want to add a retro touch to your fairly modern wardrobe, consider adding scarves. Wrap a wide scarf around your hair or simply wind a long slender scarf around your neck. For a little movie star touch, tie a shorter scarf around your wrist. This gives you a flash of color and texture in your modern outfit. If you want to make sure that your jeans look a little fancier, thread a silk scarf through the belt loops and tie it loosely.

If you are thinking about wearing retro styles, you’ll find that there are dozens of different options open to you. Explore your choices, and find the retro pieces that will make your wardrobe stand out from the rest.

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Famous Fashion Brands: Are They What They’re “Cut Out” To Be?

Versace, Armani, Chanel, Cardin, all huge names in the world of fashion design. Middle class women will spend an entire paycheck on a Marc Jacobs handbag, or even save and spend a year’s salary, or charge it, for Gadino – made of rare white crocodile and studded with diamonds. But, when you purchase a true designer piece, whether it’s an accessory or a skirt, are you getting your money’s worth?


When you purchase designer goods, you are, first of all, paying for the design. That may sound obvious, but knock-offs are common. Knock-offs go for the look without the details that make the designer piece truly valuable. Seams, attachments, top-stitching, and other elements of the design are part of the indicator of whether or not the piece you are considering is the real thing or not.


Construction goes right along with design, here. Most designer pieces are well-constructed – no designer wants a piece of theirs to fall apart at a fancy party or awards ceremony. Why do you think so many designer pieces last for decades? Gowns worn by Marilyn Monroe have recently been sold at auction for millions. If they were cheaply made, they would have rotted on the hanger.


Perhaps the materials used in truly designer clothes set them apart from off-the-rack clothing. The white crocodile mentioned above is just one example of rare and normally un-attainable materials, although the white color was probably achieved through bleaching. Fendi sells bags made of the most rare animal skins in the world: something called “lush deer skin” and Roman calf.

Fabrics are more finely woven and deeply dyed than general retail goods. Prints are more carefully matched. In fact, if you go to a fairly reliable department store and find a designer name on the rack, and it feels like good material, it probably is designer material. The second cuts from the original production line are often used for other garments for the “boxed wine” edition of the designer’s line. (Even fine wine makers sell their “off” products as cheap boxed wine, usually under another name.) This way, the fine fabric is not wasted, but the best cuts are used for the first run. Print materials are cut to make the prints line up at the seams or to create a certain graphic across the entire piece. The remnants won’t line up as well, so something will seem “off” to the untrained eye in subsequent runs.

Cashmere, silk, and satin are the most commonly used fabrics in designer clothing. These are all fine fabrics that last forever if they are properly cared for. When you’re shopping and see an item billed as “cashmere”, look carefully at the tag. If it doesn’t say the product is 100% cashmere, you probably aren’t getting a first-cut designer item. You’re buying the boxed wine version.

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Top 5 Trends From London Fashion Week

With the world of fashion a topsy-turvy world, it can be difficult to keep track of what is in, what’s out and what it’s all about this season. Step forward the world famous London Fashion Week to direct and dress us ready for the upcoming seasons.

With last September bearing witness to the must-have wardrobe additions for Spring/Summer, last month saw our eyes open to what 2013’s later months will hold host to. The rumours of trends making a return and the murmurs of unwritten fashion secrets were already circulating months before and the show didn’t disappoint.

So once your bikinis are away, the sun cream is bottled and those short shorts are stored away for another year, what trends can you rely on to brighten your autumn/winter months?

Pink & Red

Dusty pinks and emotive reds were all ablaze on London’s catwalks as designers looked to embrace these elegant and natural colours. Best matched with dark colours or as an all-in-one outfit, their stand-out ability from the muted palettes of the conventional colours schemes makes them the perfect compliment to those long autumn nights.

Turtle neck

Often considered a brave and controversial trend, the turtle neck has indeed extended its long neck out from behind its shell this year. The perfect tool for layering and accentuating, the turtle neck is a style that can ooze elegance and class if combined with the right outfit. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, colours and styles.


The go-to girl of women’s fashion, the leopard skin print is often the saviour of many girls’ nights out as they struggle to find something that will ‘go’. What many designers experimented with was breaking up the pattern with bright and bold belts and accessories to a great effect. Its proud heritage and season-round appreciation make it one of the must-have additions for your wardrobe.

Split Sleeves & Skirts

The most original and wondrous trend to come from the catwalk last month was the micro-trend that see’s our clothing torn at the seams. From split sleeves to split skirts, first seen on the summer catwalks, the allure of flesh and their seductive nature make this brave style one that will become ever more popular. Expect to see this trend flourish this year.


Secreting comfort and sophistication, velvet is something that many people associate with the bedroom more than fashion. But designers have bought this eloquent of materials back into the fold. With the attributes to keep you warm as well as looking good enough to eat, this bold look is one that can be transferred for both business and pleasure.

Look Good All Year Round

Never underestimate the limits of fashion. With success of this year’s London Fashion Week, the real underlying emphasis clearly was on standing out from the drear and drabs of the autumn and winter months.

So don’t get down when the sun finally sets on the summer months. Relish in the fact that you have a wardrobe that is more than ready for what 2013 has in store.

With London Fashion Week over for another season, Phil Warrington writes on what trends will be looking to catch on this 2013 thanks to Shop Foundation; an established woman’s clothes retailor and spills the secrets on what to wear this Autumn/Winter season.

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Fashion Print Trends For 2016

The world of fashion is ever changing and evolving. Some trends that are popular one year are gone the next while others remain and remain for years. This year is no different. There are several popular trends hitting the markets, especially when it comes to print and detail. 2016 is sure to be an exciting year with bright color options that will make the summer days brighter and the fall nights a bit warmer. The following explains more about the popular trends that are being offered from designers around the world and what you may want to add to your must-haves list.

Bright Prints

A current trend being seen on runways around the world are bold and fresh prints. Specifically, it is bright floral prints that appear to be making their way to the runways more and more often. These designs are being utilized on everything from shoes, to skirts, to tops and come in a wide variety of different color bases. While there are a variety of floral prints on trend, it appears that summer 2016 will be filled with soft pink floral prints and bright magenta options. The range and depth depends on the designer and the item of clothing upon which it is being placed. This is a trend, though, that will be seen a lot throughout the summer months. Beyond just the floral prints, it appears that many designers are choosing other bold, statement-making prints, too. Pink, green, and yellow hues are highlighted throughout the summer and fall collections.

Texturized Prints

Materials used in garments in the coming months of 2013 are not only going to look beautiful but feel amazing as well. Texturized prints with unique embellishments and cloth work are becoming ever popular options. Designers like this design option in that it provides the consumer with another level of depth in their outfits. It will look great to the eyes and be unique to the touch as well. Swimsuits are even seeing this texture trend. Flat matte materials or spandex styles are being replaced with texturized options that can create a conversation both in the water and outside of it. It is expected that this trend will remain through the fall and winter months as well.


The runways around the globe are also witnessing designers crafting garments with a more tribal or African print. Though the depth or intricacy of the garment varies from designer to designer, Asian collections especially are seeing the tribal feel being worked into their garments. Bead work that is not overt but subtle is a popular option designers are choosing and brings the tribal feel without being direct. There is a delicateness with which this design can be incorporated, unlike fashion trends of past decades. Further, these tribal inspirations are not being done in the traditional colors. Instead, designers are opting to replace the greens, browns, and tans with brighter and almost contradictory colors. The color variation brings depth to these pieces and shows a great range.

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What Fashion Prints Will Be Hot This Summer?

Lively and varied prints are a persistent theme which features in almost every fashion collection in every season. However, the great thing about fashion prints is that they can be constantly updated and refined, so that each new collection brings a re-invention of what has gone before.

The great beauty of prints is that the variety is almost infinite. Some, such as paisley, become real fashion icons and come to define an era, while from time to time being brought back by leading designers.

Floral Prints

Floral prints have long had a place in fashion history, the size of the blooms pictured varying with the prevailing tastes. But every woman’s collection should include a couple of classics on this theme, as they have come to epitomise a look of elegance and timelessness. Again, flowers are a popular motif, not just because they are closely associated with femininity, but because nature has given designers such a huge array of shapes and colours from which to take their inspiration.

At the other end of the spectrum from the gentle, soft, feminine shapes of flowers, 2013 is seeing a trend for highly bold geometric shapes, with squares, diamonds and triangles all featuring in designs now being brought to their customers by the top fashion retailers.

Of course, these angular shapes have long featured in dress styles, and for this year, Peter Pilotto in particular took this theme to produce a range of startling patterns, which put a great deal of emphasis on mixing monochrome patterns with splashes of bold colour.

Design Inspiration

British designers Clements Ribeiro have long championed a varied collection of prints, but for spring and summer 2013, they went down a strongly angular route, with lots of large, diagonal checks, tempered by plain collars and horizontal striped tops to create some visually arresting contrasts. But their collections also had a more romantic touch, with light and pastel coloured prints overlaid on bold blues and blacks.

House of Holland’s contribution to the print trend for 2013 took the shape of an eye-catching mix of bold abstract mixes of bright colours, especially blues, pinks and yellows, echoing the tripped-out hippy styles of the late 1960s and early 70s. By contrast, Henry Holland and his associates also brought us a number of large checks with tops and trousers in differing colours.

Jasper Conran has also taken inspiration from the 1960s, with a number of large flower prints on plain, primary backgrounds, and, on a completely different note, a number of vivid patchwork mixtures which make most use of bold, darker colours such as reds, blues and greens.

The sheer number of bold prints which showed up on the catwalks for this spring and summer mean that those which are now finding their way into the leading high street and online stores are intended for all-seasons, all-occasions wear. So whatever your taste in bright, vibrant designs, there’s plenty of variety on offer this spring, and heading into the summer the outlook is looking very bright indeed – regardless of what the weather has in store for us.