Charm Beads – Why Are They So Popular


Charm beads are collected (predominantly by women) the world over, with Pandora and Trollbeads the two most popular designers and producers of charm beads at the present point in time.

These popular and often very unique beads adorn a wide range of jewellery ranging from bracelets and earrings to bangles and necklaces and they’re available in an even broader range of materials that includes zirconia, enamel, glass, gold and ceramic, to name just a few of the many different materials that you can select from when purchasing charm beads online or from a bricks-and-mortar store, of which there are many around the world.

Pandora and Trollbeads – The Two Big Names in Charm Beads

If you’ve heard of charm beads you’d know that Pandora and Trollbeads are the two big names in charm beads, with the former the current market leader at the present point in time. That isn’t to say that Trollbeads is a lesser name, far from it, it’s just that Pandora seems to have more of a global reach than its main competitor at present.

That, however, can quickly change, and in fact, as Trollbeads are so immensely popular the world over, especially retired Trollbeads (a retired Trollbead is an in-demand charm bead because it has been discontinued to make way for a new line of jewellery by this world-leading charm bead producer), which are in great demand because of their scarcity and rareness. If you’re an avid collector of these charm beads, which many women are, there’s a good chance that you’re dying to get your hands on some of the most popular retired Trollbeads currently in circulation.

Trollbeads is considered to be the originator of charm beads, with brother and sister Søren Nielsen and Lise Aagaard releasing the first charm beads back in 1976. Pandora arrived on the scene a little later, but has since capitalised on the demand for charm beads across the world and has snared some lucrative contracts, including that of Disney, which has made them the world-leader.

That’s another of the many reasons why Trollbeads charm beads are in such demand, because they haven’t gone down the same commercial path that Pandora has. For many people, this makes their beautifully created and crafted charms so much more unique (and they really are unique when compared to other charm beads on the market) and that only adds to their appeal among collectors.

Charm Bead Styles – A World of Choice

It can safely be said that collectors have a world of choice (or maybe even a universe of choice) where charm beads are concerned as there are so many different charms and styles to choose from. Moreover, as charm beads can be personalised, collectors are presented with even more opportunities to make their already unique charms even more exceptional and inimitable should they choose to do so.

Whether you’re a fan of Trollbeads or Pandora, or perhaps both of the world’s leading producers of charm beads, you’re presented with an amazing selection of charm beads to collect.

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