Do You Sell Knitted Apparel?


If you have a company that sells knitted apparel, you want to make sure that your work with a local manufacturer when making a selection for your business or store. That means you need to find a company that offers a number of benefits over its competitors.

What to Seek in a Manufacturer

Discounted knitted accessories manufacturers in London provide the following advantages, and they are recognised in their field for the following:

  • Short lead times of 14 or 21 days
  • Premium yarns sourced from the UK
  • Flexibility and adaptability – helping clients in one of various ways
  • An audited factory

Some of the Leading Products

You will also find that the right manufacturing facility will provide a large range of products. These products include the following:

  • Beanies
  • Cable knit sweaters
  • Ribbed knit products

When speaking to a representative from the company, ask about the types of knit stitches they feature. The company should also feature design specialists who make communication transparent and easy. As you know, knit products sell well in the UK. That is why you need to depend on a company that will ensure a larger bottom line – a firm that will provide your business with all its knitwear apparel and accessories.

When choosing a company, ask about the equipment they use to make knitted items. They should provide a wide range of machines – all the way from 10 gauge to 1.5 gauge machines. Make sure that the company caters to most knitwear markets. That way, you can be assured of better quality and lead times.

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