Dress to Impress – Indian Wear Accessories to Modify Your Look


The Indian clothing has a different call to it that can enhance the natural beauty of a woman by a wide assortment. However, pairing that perfect silk saree with bangle set can enhance its beauty and boost a look. An accessory has a lot of power when paired up with the right set of clothes. So, now add on some value to your latest Indian dress by putting up the right jewelry to it. We have summed up some of the major accessories options that will not only give you a different look but make it trending as well.

  1. Chandbali and Jhumkis – These are two different types of earpieces that are famous among Indian women. Jhumkis is one of the most traditional forms of an earpiece that comes with different patterns and designs giving an authenticated look. The heavy or light jhumkis has a call to it with sarees, suits and even lehengas. For a festive or wedding occasion, it is an ideal choice to opt for with pearl or gold design. Chandbali is a different story when it comes to Indian look. They give a perfect hang of India traditional look adding charm to any outfit. The pearl, silver, gold and even multi-color chandbali are famous in the market. They are simple and gives a trending fashion statement.
  2. Bindi – Another thing that adds a different beauty to any women face is Bindi. It is believed that without a bindi, no Indian look is completed. There are so many Bollywood examples that we can follow such as Piku – Deepika Padukone or even Vidhya Ballan – Bhool bhulliya. There are plenty of examples that we can follow when it comes to Bindi. They have enhanced the craze among not only women but girls as well that are now following small studs bindi look even with a bindi. The perfect highpoint on the forehead that shines with light gives an amazing look.
  3. Clutches – There are many women that don’t feel the need to carry a clutch with them. But the fact is that a matching shiny clutch with saree or suit gives an authentic look at a wedding. Not only this, but a clutch is a perfect ethnic way with Indian outfits such as lehenga or even skirts. The best thing about a clutch is that it gives a dazzling diva look that can add value to the wedding attire.
  4. Tinkly bangles – The glittery look of bangles is something that gives a special effect to India tradition. This gives an essence to the Indian wear with additional accessories denoting style. The best part about bangles is that it can be worn with anything such as kurtis, suits, sarees, etc.
  5. Glares – Kala Chashma is one of the catchiest songs in Bollywood. While following it up, the trend has set out with everyone – bride or guest – following Kala chashma as their look to complete up their style. Clad in different color lehengas and sarees, everyone is showing off their glares. This is also one of the best ideas for a photo shoot for the wedding album.
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