Dressing Up: Recycling Kids Clothes


Kids often outgrow their clothes before they ever get worn out. Parents also buy extra just because it is fun to dress up their sweet babies. Many parents go to clean out their child’s closet and find unused items with price tags still on them. These clothes often end up donated or sold. Consignment shops are a great place for parents to drop off lightly used or unused items. These stores often offer designer clothes at low prices. Here’s how to shop for the best deals.


The low price won’t matter much if you purchase a low quality or damaged item. If you can find a new item at a lower price on sale somewhere, this is not a bargain. You also want to make sure the item can withstand another season. Check for worn areas on the fabric and elastic. You may also prefer to purchase familiar brands, as well. Check the labels so you know what you are getting for the price. Look for these qualities.

  • Working zippers
  • No missing buttons
  • No faded areas


Prices should be fair and fit into your budget. Many consignment shops have to keep the merchandise moving to make room for incoming items. This often prompts them to mark items down on a regular basis. The end of the season also means that sales are likely to happen, just like in regular stores. If an item is marked too high, check back in a few days. Many of these businesses also apply a credit for shopping when you bring in your own items to sell. This helps you out and keeps them from having to hold money for each client. You can get a whole new wardrobe at a low cost kids consignment store in London.

Resale shops are a popular option for parents of young children. They grow so fast that clothes must be purchased often. This also leaves many items leftover that can be used by another child. All of this can be handled at a consignment location.

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