Engagement Ring Trends for 2017


You should never underestimate the importance of finding the perfect engagement ring. Afterall, it is without a doubt the single most important piece of jewellery a woman will ever own! So whether you’re a groom doing your research, or a hopeful bride looking to drop a few subtle hints, here are the top engagement ring trends for the coming year…


This is a really clever way to make your engagement ring a bit different, without going over the top. Not only are engagement rings with square bands classy and chic, they’re also actually more comfortable to wear than round bands! Seeing as a woman will (hopefully) wear this ring her whole life, comfort is definitely a factor that should be considered.


Bespoke rings are of course the dream – every girl wants her ring to be for her and only her. Most people assume that bespoke engagement rings will be pricier than selecting a pre-set ring, but this really isn’t the case. By buying loose diamonds online, you can get them set separately which will allow you to create a totally custom made ring often at a fraction of the price.


A massive trend in 2017 will be rings featuring a smaller, less ‘in-your-face’ diamond. Rising in popularity a little throughout 2016, skinny engagement rings with smaller, quaint diamonds have proven that size really doesn’t matter. Guaranteed to totally curb any cravings for a massive rock, we really love this new wave of engagement rings. These cute creations are understated, delicate and absolutely adorable.


There is no denying that solitaire rings are great, they’re a worldwide favourite and have been popular for decades. However, they’re really not every girl’s dream ring. These days many women want something a bit more different and exciting, and this year unusual shapes will be all the rage. Sharper diamond cuts will be everywhere, with the beautiful Marquise shape being top of the table.


A colourful diamond is a great choice if you want to make a bolder statement with your engagement ring. In 2017, the most popular shades will be deep red rubies and black diamonds – creating classy rings that really stand out. Alternatively, more subtly hued stones such a pink morganites can look stunning, and are often a fraction of the price of a real diamond.


Ultimately, your engagement ring should really say something about you. You need to find a ring that you really think suits your personality and your lifestyle, but also that makes you feel special and that stands out. Remember that just because a ring is in fashion, doesn’t mean it’s right for you!

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