Fact basic facts worth knowing about dental implants


There was a time when bridges and dentures were the only viable solutions for replacing missing/lost teeth. Today, many dentists recommend dental implants to patients, as a better and more permanent option. If you are looking for Fresno dental implants, you will find some amazing clinics that specialize in the procedure, and with a good dentist at work, most of your concerns & possible risks can be done away with. In this post, we are sharing some basic facts about dental implants.

  1. Dental implants are extremely durable. Yes, that’s right. Even with basic care, dental implants can last a lifetime. For the unversed, implants are made of titanium and are placed in the bone socket of missing teeth surgically.
  2. Getting replacement teeth after dental implants may take time. Unlike dentures, which can be ordered directly from the lab, your dentist will have to wait before the jawbone and gums heal completely after dental implant surgery. In other words, you may have to wait for a few weeks to get replacement teeth.
  3. Most people can withstand the procedure. Your dentist will use local anesthesia before placing dental implants surgically. There is no pain involved during the procedure, and in most cases, antibiotics and painkillers can be recommended to accelerate the healing process.
  4. The success rate with dental implants is extremely high. You can expect the dental implants to stay in place for years, because unlike natural teeth, these implants cannot decay. Aftercare is absolutely simple, and you will just need to see your dentist once in a few months for routine checkup.
  5. The use of dental implants is beyond aesthetics. While dental implants ensure that you have that perfect smile, the use & popularity extends beyond aesthetics. Many dentists recommend dental implants to patients, so that they can eat and talk more comfortably.

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