Five bane of a woman body care


Women in Love is more attentive to his face, in front of men not a little mistake. But hiding in the clothing of the body beneath the surface, there are many maintenance Achilles heel, too easy to become a man despise your reason, you know what they are?

One, chapped heels+ foot thick cocoon

Turn your feet, if sallow, stiff soles of your feet covered with thick calluses, rough dry, covered with lines of cracks all over the heel. Because these are long walk, wear high heels, plus there is no intention maintenance, neglect, the accumulated foot problems.

Foot Care

Regular exfoliation: Use physical grindstone exfoliate, one week a times can be. Help skin metabolism, prevent feet sallow, dull, produce thick cocoon. Wear the right shoes: Long-term through tall or narrow toe shoes, shoes discontinuity when likely to cause, excessive friction thick cocoon.

Therefore put on ergonomic, fitting shoes, foot care is a ring. Avoid excessive friction: wear socks, moderate Care Foot avoid excessive friction. Evening foot care when applying lotion can then wear thick socks, improve maintenance effect.

Two, covered with acne on the back

Be a perfect woman, you can not have a pock-stained back next pox good governance, dark pox difficult to prevent, do not be tripping themselves can not see where their feet.

Long in the back, chest acne, because usually see, delayed treatment time, plus clothing and shelter are not ventilated, it is likely to cause inflammation of hair follicles situation. Red acne, acne covered with black chest back, even if the body then the United States, but also with a beautiful missed.

Back care

Exfoliating Clean: Use body scrub bath products, or ancillary to do with the body brush, clean your hands properly is difficult to touch the back. Anti-inflammatory lotion: There are designed for acne skin inflammatory lotion, such as alcohol, salicylic acid and other ingredients, can inhibit oil secretion, calm convergence skin, can be used when routine maintenance.

Third, coarse wrinkles joints

In the pageant wind heyday, has been said to be elected Miss China, look at her knee was beautiful.

One can imagine a pair of legs, the middle two laps rough black inlay on the knees, and more regrettable. How thorough maintenance of your body, take a look at your knee, elbow to know.

Joint Care

Regular exfoliation: regular activities, friction joints, if you ignore exfoliate, it is easy to accumulate thick horny, especially in the joints accumulation of keratin, grainy, looks like elephant skin, really can not no defense. Massage moisturizer: Use body lotion gently massage the joints, so that the blood circulation, skin color lighter.

Four, black ear

From the attitude of maintenance, it is not the sight of the net.

The more you do not see the place, the more carefully maintained to prevent imperfection. See for their own ears, you might just remember cleaning earwax, but forgot the exposed ear.

Hiding in the clothing of the body beneath the surface of many hidden maintenance bane of man becomes too easy to despise your reason, your beauty will greatly compromised.

Five, two sun marks

After a hot summer sun baptism, shoulders due to wearing camisole and the emergence of two-tier sun marks, but perfect skin, absolutely do not need two layers of foil strap summer sun did not come to do the lessons, but will stay in the body long, long time, oh.

Sun marks Care

Whitening exfoliating massage: To make the sun disappear earlier marks, daily massage can help blood circulation, promote metabolism; regular exfoliation can make skin tone, whitening effect is absorbed better.

Body whitening: Whether painting body whitening lotion, or Pao Niunai MOISTURE bath, all can make the skin become white shiny way, you can try. Sunscreen: Sunscreen is the first step to whitening, but also can resist skin aging footsteps.

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