For a Great Wedding Reception, Hire the Best DJs Around


There’s no question about it. It’s a great idea to hire a professional DJ for your wedding reception or any other special occasion requiring quality music. For example, you certainly want to provide a way for your guests to relax and enjoy themselves after the formal ceremony.

Keep it Going

An experienced DJ can help you create the perfect playlist, which will more than fill the bill in combination with the knowledge that the expert brings to the party. Once a dance party gets started, it’s very important to keep it going. The best wedding DJs in Kent have no problem doing just that. When you discuss your requirements with the DJ, make sure that you provide the names of songs you definitely want to hear.

With the technology available today, it’s certainly possible for you to work closely with the professionals to help create that list according to personal tastes. But be sure that you allow plenty of time for finding those older, more obscure songs that may not be part of the musical library of your pro.

Additional Details

In addition to the obvious planning of music, you should also discuss a few other details with the DJ. The list may include:

  • PA system for speeches at the dinner
  • Cordless microphones for certain moments during the dinner and reception
  • Special request lighting

Sometimes you might even have a song that you don’t want them to play. This information should be provided as soon as possible to give your DJ time to find the special-request music and also to plan the playlist.

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