Home Use Hair Removal


At-home hair removal systems have become a very popular item on the market today. These systems have been designed using the same technology and features as used right in dermatologist’s offices. Why make a costly trip to an in-office dermatologist office when you can get the same results in the comfort of your own home? Below are some of the at home hair removal systems that can be purchased.

  1. TRIA Beauty 4X Laser Hair Removal System: For 3X the laser hair removal strength from any other device on the market. Perfect for use for men and women. This system will remove hair as professionally as a dermatologist and can be used all over the body for effective results.
  2. Rio Scanning 60X Laser Hair Removal: This is a permanent hair removal system that is effective for leg, arm, underarm, facial and bikini line hair. It removes up to 60 hairs in a few seconds. It is good for home use and features a security lock for safety.
  3. Rio Scanning 20X Laser Hair Remover: This destroys hair roots making for a permanent hair reduction. It can treat larger areas and remove 20 hairs in a matter of seconds. This system is suitable for underarm, arms, legs, facial and bikini hair.
  4. RIO YES LED Laser: This device permanently reduces hairs in a matter of 60 seconds. This is good for individual hair treatment. This is not good for use on dark skin tones and hair colors that are blonde, grey, white, or red.
  5. TRIA Hair Removal Laser Precision: This is a very small device that is used to remove hair in sensitive areas including the underarms and bikini line. It is easy to remove hair with permanent results.
  6. Remington i Light IPL: A fast and gentle hair removal system that will help to remove hair on your bikini line and underarms in less than 1 minute. This is for use by men and women.
  7. Iluminage Touch: Permanent hair removal results that is recommended to be used on the face and body area. It is very gentle on the body.

All of these hair removal systems have been rated with outstanding reviews and users have seen very effective results. They are all FDA cleared and ensured to be safe for use. Now choosing what system is best is the hardest part. The choice of the system differs between the uses of the system. Whether you want it for delicate areas, full body, or only for the facial area, will be a determining factor in what home system can be more effective for your use.

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