How Safe is Phentermine For you?


Phentermine, a popular appetite suppressant belongs to the group of psychostimulant drugs. Phentermine from sympathomimetic family is used widely for its weight loss properties. Meant for short term use, these supplements are mainly used by obese individuals to achieve their weight loss goals in a very short span of time. Phentermine is known to stimulate the hypothalamus which is responsible for release of many hormones that stabilise many functions like appetite. Even though it is very effective, Phen has been banned in Europe because of the risks involved with it.

It is not meant for long term weight loss and still people consume it regularly without stopping. They get addicted to the results and want to lose more and more weight. However, this is very wrong and should not be done. It can lead to hazardous side effects if used more than the prescribed dosage on the label or by a health care professional. It is not supposed to be used more than three months at a stretch. The body slowly becomes immune to its effects and stops responding to it. For example, the Adipex-P is to be consumed for approximately three weeks along with a proper diet and exercise regime in place. The short-term dosage is also based on age and risk factors. Phen has been banned in Europe for the sole reason that people end up overdoing the drug and this leads to harmful side effects. If one sticks to the guidelines of dosage, no problems will be faced.

The recommended dosage is one 37.5mg capsule a day to be taken an hour before breakfast or an hour or two post eating. Depending on how much your body can accommodate, the dosage can be halved. You can consume 18.75mg twice daily instead of all at once. It is mostly prescribed as a one-time treatment and repeated use is discouraged because of hazardous side effects. Once the body becomes tolerant of the supplement, it can become addictive and the person can become dependent on it. Overdosing may lead to many health issues like valvular heart disease and pulmonary hypertension. People using other drugs like Fenfluramine along with this supplement are at a greater risk of experiencing fatal side effects from Phentermine.

This supplement also reacts with alcohol which is also known to produce adverse side effects if consumed together with Phentermine. High blood pressure patients are strongly advised by healthcare professionals to abstain from using Phen because it is known to increase blood pressure readings. Anti-depressants may also react with Phentermine and it also affects infants so it is not advisable to consume it during pregnancy. Another section of people that may not have good results with Phentermine are the elderly. This is because this supplement can pose a greater risk of cardiac, renal and hepatic function in elders. All of this makes one wonder if Phentermine is really helpful or is it simply full of side effects. Phen is most definitely going to yield results in those who go by the prescription and abstain from experimenting with dosages. Under medical surveillance, this is a great weight loss supplement.

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