How to choose a prom dress based on your body type


Prom is one of the most important events in a teenager’s life. Choosing the appropriate dress is very difficult for girls because everyone will remember the moments you all experience during prom. Seeing the prom pictures after years and years and remembering how you looked that day should be a pleasurable experience, so try to give your best in making this decision. Many stylers like Jovani prom dresses made it suitable for everybody style – fit or not – for certain clothes. There are five different body types and these descriptions should help you choose what type of prom dress would work best for you.

The hourglass

This body type is the most flexible when it comes to choosing dresses. If your hips and shoulders are similar in size while your waist remains thin, you are part of the hourglass team. You can select dresses that do not add bulk to your bust or hips. Tailored pieces are most suitable for you. A fishtail dress will definitely flatter your body shape and it’s both sexy and elegant. Soft fabrics like silk are the ones that look best on you.

The triangle

If your shoulders are wider than your hips, your body type fits in the triangle category. This means that you have a less noticeable waist and thinner legs. Triangle body-shaped persons tend to have slim figures, so you can try different prom dresses. Start with strapless dresses or V-necks. These accentuate the lower part of your body. A vertical line will accentuate your waist and you can use belts to draw the attention to this area.

The pear

This is the opposite of the triangle body type. Your hips are wider than your shoulders, reason why you’ll want to find dresses that mainly focus on your upper side. Bright colors and asymmetric cuts are also suitable for pear-shaped bodies. Choose dresses with wide sleeves and invest in the right undergarments to make your bust appear bigger.

The rectangle

This is another flexible body type, considering that many dresses fit it well. The rectangle body type includes a less noticeable waist, small breasts, equally-wide shoulders and hips and slim legs. Given the fact that you can play with designs, try on as many prom dresses types as you can and see what fits you well. It also depends on how tall you are. You can choose both short and long dresses. You might not have a lot of curves, reason why you will want to select flowy dresses instead of tight ones. Try waist-less dresses for a more accentuated look.

The oval

The oval body type goes for girls that have big breasts and thick legs. The waist should be smartly accentuated and the whole outfit should be balanced. Select embellished dresses that bring the attention to a certain point of your body, preferably the neckline. Sleeveless dresses flatter more voluptuous figures. Choose mid-length dresses and high slits. Show off your neckline as much as possible and try to find a dress with princess seams. Elongating your waste is the main purpose of the outfit.

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