How to choose your bridal jewelry


We seldom notice that they are small details that can transform us as a complement and, when it comes to accessories, jewelry is one of the secrets to renew your look. If for a party dress choosing the indicated jewelry is a challenge, now imagine when it comes to your wedding dress. Does not worry, then we tell you how to choose the perfect jewelry so that on your big day you shine like your engagement ring?

How many gems should I bring?

Although the theme of the wedding is Christmas or Mexican, it is not about looking like Christmas tree or hangs up to. Remember that the less the better. It is advisable to use between 2 and 3 elements, usually are the earrings, bracelet and necklace, the watch would be more for example, think that the role should be totally for your wedding dress princess, mermaid or lace.

What kind of necklace?

Whether you prefer a modern wedding dress or a simpler one, its design is what will set the tone for choosing the right jewelry. For example, “V” necklines allow longer necklaces to be worn, either in front or on the back; while, with the square and round necklines, chokers are preferable. In addition to the cut of the neckline, we must take into account its depth and symmetry, taking as a reference the proximity of the opening with respect to the neck, for example, the asymmetric or boat-type cuts allows dispensing with the collar.

Earrings short or long?

In both cases the goal is to maintain the harmony of the look, considering that these accessories attract attention to the top; so, the shape of the face, the hairstyle picked up or loose and the headdress play the main role at the time of choosing. If your face is round, you can use long and diamond earrings online; if it is elongated, balance it with wide slopes; if it is square, replace the angled and square slopes with circles or curved shapes; if it is heart-shaped, chandelier earrings with a bell shape will compensate your small chin.

And the color?

Diamonds and white pearls are elegant by tradition; they shine by themselves no matter how simple the jewelry design looks. If your wedding is outdoors or you defined a particular theme, for example, vintage, you can choose stones of different colors such as emerald, ruby, sapphire, citrine, etc., which will highlight your wedding dress with lace. Precious stones, based on their color, have a meaning, so, you can take it into account to choose with the one you identify the most, for example, the aquamarine stone symbolizes fidelity; the ruby, the trust; the tourmaline, the power of the union; the amethyst is the protective stone and the emerald is that of love.

And the bracelet?

We did not forget or try to make it less important, in case you chose to wear only earrings; a delicate bracelet can complement them wonderfully. You do not necessarily have to use it and, in fact, you can also do without the necklace, but of the earrings never!

The options are varied when we talk about jewelry but remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and as you have always dreamed. While you can use some kind of jewel even in your bridal hairstyle is your decision if you want the only thing that brightens your entire bridal look is your white gold engagement ring, so take your time, review several options and choose the ideal for you

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