How To Dress For A Wedding


Dressing for a wedding is important; you want to standout and look smart but you also want to fit in with what everyone else is wearing. Use this handy guide to make sure you’re dressed right on the day and save the very bad outfits for the stag do!

Bow Tie

Most guys haven’t worn a bow tie, let alone know how to tie one. However, they’re an essential piece of kit for a wedding. Don’t panic though, there are a few different options at hand for you. There’s no shame in using a clip on or elastic bow tie. It’s not like having a clip on tie as a toddler, bow ties are much more fiddly to get right, and if it comes undone during the wedding video then you might not be asked to the reception! You can however, if you’re feeling brave, use a proper bow tie. There’s a good range of styles and colours available, but odds-on you’ll be needing a classic black number on this occasion.

Dinner Jacket

Of course, you’ll want a nice dinner jacket to sit with your newly purchased bow tie. Known in America as the Tuxedo, the one-button jacket is a classic evening piece. Usually used for playing poker, this type of jacket is perfect for a wedding. For slimmer men, there are also slim fit dinner jackets available for added style. Once again, the classic black approach is usually the best and safest option, and will keep you feeling more like James bond and less like Austin Powers.


Not every wedding will require you to wear a waistcoat but it’s always best to be prepared. There are loads of different types but it’s best to avoid excessively floral ones and stick to something smart, maybe pinstriped or even plain will cut the mustard. Just make sure it’s the same as everyone else’s! You’ll need a cravat, too, which is great for all you bow-tie haters. A cravat is simply a much fatter tie, designed to go with your waistcoat. Try complementing colours with a grey cravat and a black waistcoat, or vice-versa. It looks better than it sounds, honest.

The Rest

And lastly of all, you’ll need a smart pair of suit trousers and shoes. Your work trousers will probably do for your legs, but make a bit of effort on the shoes to round the outfit off nicely and make yourself look like you have a bit of an expensive taste. A black pair of leather dress shoes would look perfect for this type of occasion. Just make sure you’ve polished them at least twice before you set off and you’re good to go!

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