How to make your colleague’s birthday special?


Those who are working in an office tend to spend most of their time with their colleagues; which means that they share all their problems and worries with them. When one spends maximum amount of time in office it means that the colleagues become really close to them because it is with them that they are spending most of their time. With time our colleagues become our family as they are there to witness our highs and lows most of the time.

Colleagues end up spending birthdays together, partying together, dining out together and watching movies together. Colleagues are also those special people you share your happiness as well as your sorrows, they are the ones you spend more time with. So if it is the birthday of your colleague it has to be special and it is you who has to make it special. You can discuss it with your other colleagues and plan out something special for your birthday friend.

There are a number of ways one can make birthday wish for their colleague, you can check online for birthday wishes for colleague and can find out some interesting ideas. Here are a few ways through which you can wish your colleague.

  • Make an announcement on a popular radio station wishing your colleague a very happy birthday.
  • Surprise him/her at midnight by visiting their house with cake and balloons along with your other co-workers.
  • Make the whole office wish them on their birthday by singing the happy birthday song.
  • Send your colleague flowers, cake and chocolates at night; in case you do not find it feasible enough to go yourself at night.
  • Add all your colleagues on a conference call and wish your colleague friend who is celebrating his/her birthday.

There are numerous other ways also by which one can wish their colleague, there are plenty of them on the internet you just need to search for them.

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What to gift?

Birthdays are incomplete without gifts, so if you are planning to gift something to your colleague on his birthday then here are a few things you can consider gifting.

  • Card holders look really good and make a nice impression especially in front of clients. So you can gift a card holder.
  • Pen is the best universal gift to give; it is useful and is one of the safest gifting options.
  • If you are gifting a female colleague then you can gift a nice perfume, girls like good fragrances.
  • You can even personalise and gift a frame which has a picture of you with your colleague friend.
  • Mugs also make good birthday gifts, as they are useful and used by all.

You can put in some extra effort by packing the gift in quite a quirky way and if you can thing of some other gifting options then go ahead. Whatever you gift should be out of love and your colleague would definitely love it.


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