How to Plan the Perfect Engagement Shoot


One of the most important decisions that you will need to take when planning an engagement dinner or a wedding is to hire the photographer. Most couples want lots of pictures for their wedding or engagement, so it’s important that you hire someone who has experience in this type of photography. Photos and videos play an important role in such major events. Here’s why:

  • Immortalise the best moments from the event
  • Create an album full of your best pictures
  • The perfect reminder of your love

However, planning an engagement shoot is not as simple as you might think. If you have hired a specialist photographer for engagement shoots in Lancashire, here are some other things that you need to think about.

 The Location Plays a Vital Role

You need to choose the right location for your engagement shoot. Photo shoots are most commonly held in studios, so you might want to consider something original. You can have your engagement photo shoot done at a famous monument in your area, or you might want to consider going to a park. It’s important that you choose the right location for the engagement shoot.

Time of Day

Some people want their engagement shoots done during the day, while others want them at night. It’s important that you choose the right time for the photo shoot. Nighttime photographs require a bit more work and editing, so you should check the packages offered by the photographer before making a decision.

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