How to Shop Haute Couture with Your Daughter While Building Positive Body Image


There is nothing more human than having a passion for fashion. It’s one of our great means of self-expression, a way to transform yourself daily while showing off your personality.

That passion for fashion can start young, especially when it comes to young girls. Real fashion means fashioning and accessorising one’s own sense of self, and not simply cobbling together an unrealistic idea of beauty from what others deem it to be. Unrealistic standards of beauty, body shaming, and other causes of harmful self-image are all pressing concerns in the world of fashion and beyond. Too many girls grow up with body image problems, which begin in part by way of negative cultural stereotypes reinforced by unrealistic notions of beauty in terms of fashion choices and the manner in which they are presented.

Here is a quick guide to girl haute couture with a body-positive spin.

Encourage Choice

First and foremost, you always want to instil in your child that she has the right to choose. That’s an important life lesson no matter what, and it’s especially important when it comes to fashion. Letting your child have a say in their appearance not only leads to bolder fashion choices, but bolder children to boot. Haute couture accessories for kids is a great way to allow for this—choose a basic outfit and ask your daughter what she thinks would go well with it. Alternatively, let her pick out a few different fashion items she likes and go over them with her, asking what she likes about each one and buying the most appropriate items. That kind of interaction is key not just in terms of allowing your daughter a keen sense of style and self-expression, but likewise in setting yourself up as someone she can talk to and trust with her opinions, an invaluable bond to have throughout both your lives.

Embrace Colour

Whether you’re shopping for flower girl dresses, summer dresses, or other formal wear, colour is key. Not only do basic colour combos like red, black, and white go well with a variety of different looks, but the colour choices also open up another opportunity to let your daughter have a say in her appearance while still allowing you to ensure that it remains formal and respectful. For example, you can pick out a few basic shades or patterns based on a colour or two and ask your child which among them she likes the best. Variety—in terms of style, colour, texture, and any number of different fashion-savvy variables—is likewise key to allowing your daughter a say in her appearance while ensuring that the choices from which she may choose are respectable and parent-friendly. Sites such as encourage this element of choice with regards to colour and variety, offering a variety of different styles and colours which you and your daughter can peruse together.

There’s nothing more memorable than an unforgettable look, which is part clothes, part attitude, and all you. Give your girl the gift of choosing her own look and own way—haute couture and otherwise—as well as the knowledge that she’ll always have you as a fashion friend and lifelong confidant.

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