Low testosterone can increased by Tribulus


Testosterone is a hormone that is produced in men’s testicles. When testosterone‘s secretion level is low it may cause many symptoms and create problems in life. A lack of energy or increased fatigue, lower sex drive, reduced muscle strength or endurance, less strong erections, and a lower sense of well-being or happiness all are arise due to low level of testosterone. It is directly effects on sperm and fertility. If the symptoms arises or get worsen more, you really need to get your testosterone level checked by doctor because if the situation get worse it may cause the risk of having dangerous diseases.

Testosterone is the hormone which is produced by adrenal gland located on the top of our kidney. Though it is present in females but in very less amount as compare in males Male body started producing testosterone during puberty and get increases in the adulthood but the production started reducing while getting older. Thus, it effects on sperm and feritility. In medical terms, this condition is known as Hypogonadism

The solution of Hypogonadism has been introduced in the market in recent years. The dynamic nutrition tribe 650 is one of them. In research it is found that besides increasing the level of testosterone in our body it also helps reduce the symptoms of diseases angina (chest pain.).it contain tribulus as main component and tribulus also herb, if it is taken by some 9other herbs then it help in reducing the redness of face or skin outbreaks which occurs in children’s and adults According to the research tribulus is fully safe product if taken by mouth. It is a short time product and if taken for long then it may cause problems. It can be used for 8 weeks

Some of the precautions while using tribulus are:

  • According to the study, it has been observed that tribulus can cause the prostate disease or prostate cancer if the user is already suffering from it then it may become worse. So prohibited its use.
  • Do not take this medication at the time of pregnancy or breast feeding as it is relatively unsafe for both mother and baby. It may cause disturbance in the development of fetus.
  • This medication may also reduces the blood sugar level
  • If you scheduled to go any surgery in following weeks and avoid its usage. It may result harmful.
  • If you are suffering from any heart related issue or have history regarding it then avoid the usage of tribulus.

Dosage of tribulus depends on various factors such as health, age, gender, and other conditions it is mostly taken by mouth and it is generally prescribed for short term use only. Because using it for long term may cause health related issues. It is the natural product but may have side effects, so use the precaution before taking it. Consult doctor for our dosage and it’s the time span. If anything gets worse in body, do consult your physician immediately and stop its usage.

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