Make Your Husband Happy with Comfy Men’s Wear


When you buy clothes for your husband, sometimes it’s very easy to fall into the trap of simply looking for something which looks nice. Not everything is about looks, even for such items as men’s suits and shirts. After all, you don’t really see men’s underwear in public. As a married person, you should be aware by now that looks aren’t everything—there’s comfort, and perfect fit to consider. In a way, buying and wearing men’s wear seems like entering into a relationship.

The Importance of Comfort

Although comfort can be assessed in terms of fashion as well—most men feel comfortable when they don’t wear out-dated or outlandish clothes—for the most part the comfort that you should be addressing is physical. Uncomfortable clothes are extremely annoying, and wearing them can have rather negative effects on your husband’s mood and behaviour. Having to put up with uncomfortable clothes can even affect work performance, so you need to get the comfort level right.

Choosing the Right Fabric

When you buy men’s wear with comfort in mind, you first need to consider the fabric involved. The comfort that a certain fabric provides goes beyond the smooth “feel”. Since you are married to this fellow, we’ll assume that you are aware of any skin allergies he may have concerning specific fabrics, which you shouldn’t buy. Other factors to consider include:

Breathability. This is its ability to let air and water through, which can be absolutely crucial during the summer season. A good example of a fabric with excellent breathability is linen and cotton, which is why these fabrics are very popular for men’s shirts.

Weight. Lightweight fabrics, for obvious reason, tend to be more comfortable than heavier fabrics.

Wrinkle resistance. Although wrinkling easily isn’t technically a “comfort” requirement per se, some men may not be able to relax fully if they are aware that the fabric of their outfit wrinkle easily. Polyester is a good example of this.

Every fabric may be strong in one factor but weak in another. There are fabrics available which are in fact strong in all of these factors (they feel smooth, they’re breathable, light, and do not wrinkle easily) but the weakness would be in that fabric’s affordability.

The Right Fit

Getting the fit right when you shop for someone you just met may be difficult, but it should be easier if you are buying clothes for your husband. The research material is right in front of you: just check out his wardrobe and get precise measurements. Try to get the measurements of those items that he feels most comfortable. Another way to do this is to wait until he is sleeping soundly and then get a tape measure to get his precise measurements. This method is best left to wives and girlfriends, but you may as well use all the advantages at your disposal.

It’s nice that you’re determined to help your husband by buying him comfortable clothes. By making sure that they are comfy, you can also pick out clothes that look better as well.

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