Matchmaking: The Harrington Jacket and Waterproof Boots


With its iconic background and many famous fans, the Harrington jacket is a firm favourite worldwide. Whilst it definitely has great street appeal, the jacket is also practical, which means it’s perfect for matching with the latest trendy styles of waterproof boots.
How do these two items work together? It’s easy. With its warm tartan or checked lining, the Harrington jacket is the ideal thing to throw on top of a, roll neck sweater or light knitwear when you’re heading out into the chill. And for those greyer days, you also need the right footwear – wandering through puddles wearing boat shoes is likely to be uncomfortable and expensive.

Instead, take a look at the range of stylish waterproof boots on the market. Far from heavy, clumping walking boots, these are well-designed, comfortable and affordable boots that you’ll find yourself wearing day after day.
Whilst these waterproof boots are definitely sturdy, with rugged soles, padded ankle support and strong laces, they are also designed to ensure that attention isn’t drawn to the boot for the wrong reasons. Instead, you’ll be comfortable, and the impression you make will be generated by the clothes that you’re wearing – including your Harrington jacket if that’s the choice you’ve made. If you’re still not sure it’s right for you, why not take a look at one and give it a go. Its short-waisted design means it works for many different body shapes and its clean, slightly retro lines give it an air of edgy style that works for anyone from teenagers to those heading for mid-life birthdays. Wear it with great-looking jeans and over a plain, short-sleeved shirt to add a bit of crisp style to your look, or just shrug it on over a white t-shirt for the ultimate in retro style. Matched with the right boots and accessories, this is a look that works for many different occasions.
And of course, the best thing about this matchmaking is that it doesn’t cost the earth. In both cases – the Harrington jacket and good quality waterproof boots – retailers are offering the items at very affordable prices, allowing you to make your money go further but still getting the benefits of the design and styling work that goes into the creative process. By checking out deals online and on the high street, you can blend stylish and practical without breaking the bank and get really good quality clothing while you’re at it.

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