Straighten Your Hair for Months


There are many instances in which you might want your hair to be straighter. Some people choose to straighten their hair so that it’s more manageable; curly or frizzy hair requires much more work to maintain control of. Some people want straighter hair because they prefer the way it looks. Some want straighter hair so they can play a role, don a costume, or wear certain kinds of headwear. Whatever your reasoning, you have a couple of options. Your first and most common option is to straighten your hair every morning. Typically, this involves some kind of chemical process or a straightening iron.

Chemical treatments work by damaging the hair and reorganising the molecules that compose it. It can be damaging to your hair and scalp. A straightening iron is effective, but you must reapply it every morning. Some people have to straighten their hair every day. A more effective solution is permanent hair straightening in Perth.

Straighten it Permanently

Though it is called permanent straightening, the process used to straighten your hair typically lasts six to eight months. It works by adding keratin to the hair. Keratin is one of the main molecules that comprises your hair. In frizzy hair or in aging hair, the keratin levels are much lower, which reduces the straightness of the hair. In order to combat that issue, the permanent process will apply a layer of keratin to the hair. It is safe for the hair since it simply applies a natural molecule to the hair. Furthermore, keratin treatments work because they last for a very long time.

Maintaining It

If you have straightened your hair with keratin, you need to understand that there are some steps you are required to take. You need to make sure you are using the right shampoo. There are certain shampoos that can actually strip the surface of the hair, which will remove a lot of the keratin and make the procedure last for a limited amount of time. For example, shampoos that call themselves clarifying or astringent tend to remove the molecules and chemicals that have built up on the outside of your hair. That’s how they clean your hair, but that can also remove the keratin that has been added to the hair. In order to avoid that, you need to make sure you use the right shampoo.

Talk with your hair stylist about your hopes and what you would like to see happen. They will be able to tell you what kinds of products you need to be using on your hair. They’ll also tell you about any dangers you have to face. For example, the chemicals produced by a keratin treatment could be dangerous for pregnant women. You should make sure to talk with your stylist before you decide on a keratin treatment.

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