The Most in Demand Women’s Jeans Designer Brands


With so many brands of women’s jeans today, your choices when it comes to quality trousers and pants have increased, and that’s always good. But if you want to stay at the top of the fashion game, you should stick with the brands and designers that women have always trusted, no matter where the fashion winds blow.


Republic is one of the leading clothing brands in the UK.  Founded in 1985 under the name Just Jeans, the company changed its name to Best Jeanswear in 1990, and eight years later Republic was launched. While the company offers a wide selection of men’s and women’s wear, there’s no question that it is best known for their pants. Some of their most popular ladies’ jeans brands are White label, Crafted, Soul Cal Deluxe and Miso, each of which offers different styles, colors and cuts to choose from.

What makes Republic jeans so popular with young women and men today is the sheer variety available, including skinny jeans that will hug your figure to the classic straight leg and boot cut for women who prefer the traditional look. There’s no doubt that tight jeans are the most popular, and at Republic you will find these not only flatter your figure, but are also comfortable and durable. Of course their products are not limited to women, as they have lines like 883 Police, Diesel and Fabric designed just for gentlemen who only want the finest jeans.


Bench is one of the biggest UK clothing brands, with their products sold throughout the world including Australia, Europe and Canada. Founded in Manchester, Britain, the company is well known not just for its jeans, but for their comprehensive street wear line. Bench had its roots in the late 80s, and it drew inspiration from the youth who preferred relaxed and casual clothing. The company based its philosophy on this and it would go on to become one of the largest clothing brands in the UK. Even, so it has remained true to its roots.

One of the reasons why Bench has become so big is they design and market their own products aggressively. Apart from jeans, the company also sells jewelry, watches, hooded tops, hats, jackets and t-shirts. Originally the company only sold menswear, but in 1998 they began selling women’s wear as well, beginning with tops and jackets and expanding to include other clothing. Some of the biggest sellers on their women’s line are their jackets, coats, seats and hoodies.

Bench has produced several outstanding jeans, but the current favorites are Crossfaded, Soundboard V1, Becky V8 and Lou V14. The Lou V14 is a slim fit, with the right front pocket styled with a stitching effect and metallic decors on both back pockets. The Becky V8 on other hand, is a straight cut with rippled and faded effects.  While their women’s jeans are very popular, their men’s line is just as well known, with the hottest collections being the Byron Straight V16, the Wahwah, Piezo, Highhat and Craig V17 among others.

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