This Is What You Need To Do To Have Perfect Prom Night And Prom Dresses


High school is one of the best stages of life; the romance appears and also the heartbreaks, those that perhaps hurt us more than any other, but we know how to cope thanks to our friends, the same ones that will probably stay by your side and with which you can celebrate a significant event: prom night.

The day of your prom has to be memorable, something that you remember the rest of your life fondly, that is why it is essential to look spectacular. Among the most frequent questions, there are: what type of dress goes best with me? How do I stylize my figure? Don’t worry anymore! With today’s Jovani Dresses you will know exactly what to look for when you go to buy your dress on.

Stylize Your Figure

If you want to look thinner, or with more curves, or just leave an incredible impression to all of your classmates, the only thing you need to do is choose the right clothing for your body type, that will be the prom dresses models to glamorize your silhouette. For that, keep the following points in mind:

  • If You Have A Large Bust: In this category, there are two styles. The first is for girls who want to show their attributes that day, if that is your case, then choose a dress with V neckline. Try not to have ornaments in that area. A perfect model for this style is the Burgundy Embellished Mermaid Dress with Choker from the latest prom dresses line launched by Jovani.

The second one, if you want something more conservative, then you need a closed dress in that part, a round or square neckline, without decorations in the area.

  • When You Have Little Bust: The dresses that stylize girls with a small chest area are those that have ruffles around the neckline because it gives volume to this part of the figure and balances the shape of the silhouette. For this type of girl the prom dresses with strapless with embroidery or draped to that will be very flattering.

Also, you can also choose halter necklines or corset-style waist with preformed cups; for this, you can opt for the Red Long Sleeve Embellished Bodice Chiffon Prom Gown, also by Jovani.

When You Want To Accentuate Your Waist

In order to deliver a sophisticated look, according to Vogue’s article The Return Of The Ball Gown, go for dresses that are snug at that height and more fluid on the hips. You can also choose the dresses that create an illusion in that area; always avoiding glued dresses.

  • For The Girls With Gorgeous Long Legs

If you are tall, you will look great with prom dresses on subtly patterned fabrics, strapless necklines, and gowns that have a top of one color and the skirt of tone.

  • Le Petit Beauty

Avoid dresses that benefit tall girls and choose single-colored designs, also one-shoulder, halter neckline dresses, and preferably short ones.

  • Wear Underwear That Favors Your Dress.

There’s no need to draw the attention negatively with a dress that shows the straps of the bra or making the lines of your underwear look out! Go to a lingerie store and choose underwear that suits your pick.

Now, if you want any ideas about what you can do after prom, here are some options.

  1. Party Hard!

At last, you have just graduated (if you are in your senior year) and one of the best ways to celebrate this is to go partying with your friends, dance, and jump of emotion. Don’t hesitate to have so much fun that you never forget this remarkable episode of your life.

  1. Go on a trip

Before you spent a couple of years going from home to college and vice versa, give yourself the luxury of going out to see the world, explore new places, new people and celebrate surrounded by a new adventure and a well-deserved rest.

  1. Celebrate it with your family

If you prefer something more intimate, organize a family dinner or an event in which you are surrounded by everyone you love so much, friends, family, and have a lovely time with them. Nothing will fill you more with happiness than seeing how proud you make your family and yourself.

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