Top Tips to Help You Choose the Right Cut and Colour


It’s important to choose the right cut and colour for your face shape and skin tone. Everyone has different characteristics and physical traits that will influence what kind of style will look best. Your hair texture should be taken into consideration when choosing a hairstyle as well.

Not to mention, everyone has a different sense of personal style, which is what makes choosing a hairstyle both challenging and exciting.

To help you choose the right hairstyle, you’ll have to know what to look for. You’ll need to determine your skin tone and your preferences and you may also want to consult with Samuel Peter hairdressers in Warrington. There are lots of strategies that you can use to help you choose the right haircut and colour.

Determine Your Face Shape

Everyone has a unique face shape. However, you can determine what category your shape belongs to. This will help you choose the right cut.

  • Oval: Individuals with oval-shaped faces usually have a wide forehead and prominent cheekbones. This is one of the most versatile face shapes.
  • Style Recommendation: Textured bobs are great for your shape, but you can choose almost any style because of your shape.
  • Long: Individuals with long-shaped faces have elongated faces that tend to be narrower than other face shapes. Individuals with long face shapes sometimes have prominent chins.
  • Style Recommendation: Try not to part your hair in the middle to accentuate your face length; choose fringe and blunt cuts; and add waves to soften your face.
  • Round: Individuals with round-shaped faces are even and widest at the cheeks.
  • Style Recommendation: Choose longer styles that lengthen your face, soft layers, and volume.
  • Square: Individuals with square-shaped faces usually have a forehead, cheeks, and a jawline that are similar, if not the same width. Also, square boney jawlines are common.
  • Style Recommendation: Avoid blunt cuts that add to the squareness of your face. Instead, add layers and soft curls for balance.
  • Heart: Individuals with heart-shaped faces have a strong taper towards the chin and have prominent foreheads.
  • Style Recommendation: Try a side part to flatter your face and avoid heavy fringe.
  • Diamond: Individuals with diamond-face shapes are angular. This is one of the most uncommon face shapes.
  • Style Recommendation: Avoid longer cuts. Pixie cuts are ideal for your face shape.

Determine Your Season

For colour, you’ll want to take your skin tone and eye colour into consideration. To do this, you’ll need to consult with a specialist since there are categories within each season. Here is a brief description of each season relating to skin tone, eye colour, and natural hair colour. Usually, it’s good to choose colour shades within your season when considering dyeing.

  • Spring: Those who are springs most commonly have blue, green, topaz, or hazel eyes. They will usually have warmer-toned hair, usually with golden highlights. Their skin will also have warm pink undertones.
  • Summer: Those who are summers usually have blue or green eyes. They may have ashy tones in their hair as well.
  • Autumn: Those who are autumns have brown, green, hazel, or occasionally blue or mixed-colour eyes. Their hair tends to have warm and red tones. In addition, autumns usually have golden or olive undertones in their skin.
  • Winter: Those who are winters tend to have dark blue, green, grey, or brown eyes. Those who are winters don’t have warm tones in their hair, which is commonly dark. Skin tone varies, but will have cool undertones and may be paler.


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