What are the Differences between Naturopathy and Homeopathy


A lot of folk upon hearing the words “homeopathy” and “naturopathy”, will often tend to think it is the same thing, even when they are actually very different in both their practice and acceptance by those who advocate allopathic medicine.

  • Homeopathy uses diluted substances to assist in the treatment of illnesses, whilst naturopathy promotes lifestyle habit changes along with herbal medicines.

Both methods of medical assistance will aim attention on a patient’s physical and emotional well-being.

The Return of Medical Treatment, Which our Ancestors Used

  • Today, more and more doctors are using a mixture of naturopathy and allopathic treatments in order to help heal sick patients.
  • A growing number of people concerned with good health, are now choosing to buy organic skin care products online in Singapore, and are turning away from those containing harmful chemicals.

Origins of Homeopathy

Homeopathy, means “similar in suffering” in ancient Greek. It was founded in Germany, around 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnemann, whom forwarded a theory of the Law of Similars.

  • This Law of Similars means that any substance which generates symptoms in a healthy person can also cure a sick person with the same type of symptoms.

Roots of Naturopathy

Naturopathy, which practically translates as “nature disease” in old Greek, became popular in the 19th century by one Benedict Lust.

  • This technique is based upon the use of natural substances and lifestyle changes to assist the body in the healing of itself, and thus focus more on general health than just on the one single sickness or ailment.

Disregarded in the World of Allopathic Medicine

Ignored by most involved in the allopathic medical community, homeopathy takes a substance and then dilutes it down till there is a fraction of the original substance left.

  • This is undertaken by placing the ingredients into a base liquid, and then shaking, straining and shaking it again, until the desired level of ingredients remain.

Relying on Hahnemann’s theory of water’s memory, which states that the base will still retain the essential core of the harmful essence without any of the substance, it then renders the medicine harmless.

This dilution process makes it difficult to use with any regularity amongst homeopathic remedies.

Both Have Now Become More Popular

Naturopathy, focuses on specific lifestyle changes, as in consuming healthy, natural foods, exercise, and natural medicines. And for health problems the use of herbs, acupuncture, and even meditation.

  • An instance of this would be drinking a warm lemon and honey and lots of vitamin C, rather than using shop bought medicine.

This modern focus on general health, is what is persuading more medical professional to use natural remedies in their practice.

  • Between both homeopathy and naturopathy, the latter is commonly the one that works alongside allopathic medicine instead of against it.

And while homeopathy typically attempts to force the body to heal itself, whilst naturopathy provides the body with the strength to heal itself alone, the similarities end there.

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