What makes you a Honey Woman ..?


Being a Honey Woman is in your smile. In the wink of your eye, in the nape of your neck and the curve of your hips. It’s in the rise of your breast and the warmth of your breath. It’s in the way you observe your world, influence your world and the way in which you love your world. The Honey Woman Collection, Coco was designed with you in mind.

The Collection embraces high-fashion without sacrificing elegance and femininity. It also truly celebrates individuality. Each carefully crafted item tells a uniquely different story. And the story components vary from combinations of Antique Copper and Rose, Antique silver and Aquamarine and Antique Bronze with peridot, olivine and blue zircon. Take pleasure in the delicate design elements which include the tiniest flowers, butterflies and exquisitely hand enameled beads.

The Honey Woman, Coco Collection – with its unusual combinations of colour, materials and design styles – makes a fashionable statement. It can be worn with a classic suit to that important board meeting or with your favourite designer leisurewear, ready for a bushveld adventure. So whether you pair it up with a flowing, relaxed caftan, a little black dress or a suit, Honey Woman, Coco adds that finishing touch.

And, although each item tells a different story the message remains the same; one of desirability, functionality and affordability.

This Collection is for every woman. For every mother, every daughter and every sister. It’s for women who has life’s journey edged into the crinkle around their eyes, girls wanting to become women, women with memories of being girls. It’s for the up-and-coming starlet, the African Queen, the bubbling blonde, the boeremeisie. It’s for women missing Africa, it’s for women in Africa missing their motherlands. It’s for women who love laughing, who cherish tears and who revel in the little things. It’s for women of industry, women of artistry, women of destiny and women of integrity.

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