Why do Women Wear Makeup


There are a lot of reasons why females choose to wear some makeup and one of the major reasons is to heighten their natural beauty and make themselves look physically alluring. For instance, if a woman has great eyes, she can use eyeliner to give them more intensity and with the wearing of mascara to her eyelashes, she will give them the appearance of being longer and fuller.

And then there are also a number of females out there, who just find it fun to wear makeup due to the fact that it makes them look totally different for a while.

Women have been using it Since the Days of Yore

  • And there are other women who wear makeup because it provides them with a level of confidence.
  • This is along the same lines as to appear at one’s best and why you should definitely make a point to visit a Malaysia makeup online store.
  • The very first thing someone will notice about a woman, is her face, and if she has enhanced it with properly applied makeup (not overdoing it!), that same woman will then feel ready to take on the world and be confident throughout the day.
  • And, by the way, this doesn’t mean that she couldn’t be confident otherwise, minus any makeup; it just acts as an increase to her natural self-confidence!

Can be used as a Cover

At times, women will wear makeup to cover something up as in the case of a night of very little sleep, where a female may have some kind of dark circles below her eyes. And even though these will fade away after catching up on some well-earned sleep, with the application of makeup she can hide them straightaway. Makeup is also used to brighten up someone’s face and hide any blemishes, open pores, pimples, and scars and so on.

Some women wear makeup to give their faces a younger looking appearance where they feel that growing old elegantly is easier if they can look as nice as possible whilst doing so. At the same time, she might make use of makeup to conceal lines, blemishes to provide her with a more youthful vista. And alternatively, a number of teenagers make use of makeup to make themselves look more mature, and give off the appearance of being older than they actually are.

Long History

  • Women have historically been using makeup since yonder ancient times and we are all familiar with the images of ancient Egyptian women who wore eye paint.
  • Japanese ladies started to beautify their faces with rice powder centuries ago.
  • And European women of millennia ago used chalk-based powders to their faces
  • While Greek women made use of red iron to enhance their lips.
  • Down through time, technology and experimentation have made various kinds of makeup readily available and much easier to apply.

And the modern woman even has makeup solutions that let her wear makeup and appear as if she actually has very little, if any, on indeed!

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