Factors to Consider While Choosing Pearl Earrings


Pearls are unique gemstones because they are obtained from the depth of sea and not the earth. There is no need for special cutting or polishing to be done, so as to increase their lustrous beauty. Pearl jewelry has always been in style. If you want to buy spectacular pearl jewelry then you can opt between antique and new pieces.

If you are looking for a pair of sophisticated and elegant pearl earrings then consider the factors given below.

Pearls color

Natural pearls are available in different colors like white, grey, gold, silver, cream, and black. They are harvested in different areas using distinctive oysters, which are responsible for the pearl colors. Real black pearls are very rare and obtained from the South Sea oysters. Several black pearls seen in the market are truly dyed white pearls. Pearls can be dyed to tints like pink, red, green, or blue.

Natural vs. cultured

Implanting pearl within an oyster is more effective than consistently diving in search for quality pearls. If you are fortunate enough to find a well-matched strand of natural pearls then it can be very pricey. Majority of pearls available are harvested or cultured in pearl farms.

Pearl shape

Natural pearls get created with accumulation of acre layers overtime. Round natural pearls are rare and so can be expensive. Cultured round shaped pearls are easily available. For pearl earring the size and shape need to match. Look at both the pieces carefully and check if they are symmetrical or not.

Pearl size

Try the earrings before buying. Pearl size has to be proportionate to the size and shape of your face. A large pearl drop earring can overwhelm the features of a small face.

Pearl luster

The reflective shine on the pearl’s surface is its luster. Higher luster means reflection on the pearl surface will be glowy and shimmery. Distorted or muddy reflection on pearl surface means the luster is poor.

Surface thickness and quality

Pearls can be scratchy, bumpy and wrinkly, so carefully look to ensure smooth unblemished surface. Even check around the holes to confirm that it is not cracked due to drill. If it is then the pearl is thin and can possibly crack overtime.

Pearl grading

Pearls are graded in terms of lustre, color, nacre thickness, surface quality and size. ‘A’ is low grade, whereas ‘AAA’ is high grade.

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