How to Choose Cool T-Shirts Which Truly Make a Statement


To say that fashion has played something of a prominent role in the human experience seems to be an understatement. From Roman togas and robes to Medieval chemises and gowns, Elizabethan ruffs to Regency jackets and Victorian bustles, and of course all the many Modern suits, dresses, blue jeans, T-shirts we wear and enjoy today, the story of humanity has long been outfitted in the unfolding drama of the fashion world!

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That story is and always has been one of evolving styles and the constant drives towards self-expression. After all, as the celebrated playwright (and original fashionista) Oscar Wilde put it in An Ideal Husband, “Fashion is what one wears oneself. What is unfashionable is what other people wear.” As Wilde well knew, whether it’s a four-figure dress or something right off the rack, what looks good is what looks good on you.

Merely trying to follow the trends? You’re doomed to always be out of step and out of style.

A look that’s all your own that you create? Now that’s fashion!

All of which helps explain why T-shirts in general and customisable T-shirts, in particular, have taken off as one of the greatest fashion revolutions of our era. Cool custom T-shirts combine the best of both worlds, allowing you to capitalise on fashion trends while making them your own with bold new designs and concepts which are of your imagination and making.In addition, you can get attention with these pumpkin shirts.

Here, then, are a few things you’ll want to look for when it comes to tracking down the most fashionable men’s T-shirts in the UK.

The Fabric of Things

First and foremost, no matter what type of shirt you wind up tracking down, one thing is for sure – you’re going to want to pick something that will last! Nobody enjoys having to deal with shirts which are easily torn, wear thin, or are otherwise woven from a substandard material which shows defects.

Also, while we tend to focus on the aesthetic look of a shirt, you’ll want to give some consideration to its tactile qualities as well. Not only can this contribute to its overall artistic look – notably if it features unique stitching patterns as part of its overall design – but you naturally want any shirt you purchase to be comfortable and breathe well.

Remember, purchasing a cool shirt means a shirt that feels and looks cool!

A Little Wordplay Goes a Long Way

One of the strengths of T-shirts is their ability to have designs and slogans printed on them. As such, cool men’s T-shirts are a great way to make a fashion statement with both aesthetic style and literal witty phrasing. If you imagine yourself as your own little Oscar Wilde, full of wit and ready to show it off, T-shirts can be a great way to do just that. You’ll want to track down shirts which are all wordplay or feature the types of slogans and sayings you find witty, poignant or both.

While we’ll talk about the pop culture implications a bit further on, one other thing to start keeping in mind is how everything about the shirt comes together on your chest. There’s only a limited amount of space, after all, so you want to maximise what’s available. Ideally, then, the wording should be big, bold, and elevated if it’s to be seen on its own, so it stands out, or otherwise (and perhaps more daringly!) integrated into the overall illustration or print as a whole.

Colour Considerations

When it comes to colour, there are a variety of considerations you’ll want to take into account. For one thing, different colours work better at different points during the year. For example, whites, yellows, and lighter hues are more naturally suited to summer, while various shades of grey fit winter. What’s more, you’ll want to take note of how the shirt’s colour complements that of the graphical design and, if you have any, lettering on your shirt. Ideally, the shirt itself should serve as something of a backdrop, allowing the designs and colours to “pop” a bit more.

Pop Culture is Fashion Culture

The great innovation of Andy Warhol in the art world was to make pop art into “real” art, or, at the very least, to expose and explode the differentiation between the two by showing the commercialisation of production. We see this most famously in his Campbell’s Soup Cans and Marilyn Monroe diptych paintings. In this post-Warholian era in which we live, we also see his influence all over the T-shirt industry.

When you wear a T-shirt today, there’s a high chance you’re wearing one which bears a logo or illustration or some other element of pop culture that has been mass-produced. More than merely thanking Andy Warhol for your cool new T-shirt, you should consider his artistic ethos when selecting shirts.

Which shirts out there not only pop aesthetically, but are indeed “pop” in the cultural sense?

Which show off their designs or illustrations with a touch of irony or sarcasm?

Which embrace pop culture, which reject it – and which do both, somehow, at the same time?

The coolest T-shirts, after all, are those that enable you to create your look. By selecting pop culture-themed shirts and making them your own, you can make your unique art and fashion statement in true Warholian style!

A Trustworthy Outlet

Finally, you’ll only want to buy T-shirts from trusted outlets which can promise you quality. As such, you’ll want to look for T-shirt outlets which not only boast a cool repertoire of shirts but an excellent reputation among its consumers as well.

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