Fashion Print Trends For 2016


The world of fashion is ever changing and evolving. Some trends that are popular one year are gone the next while others remain and remain for years. This year is no different. There are several popular trends hitting the markets, especially when it comes to print and detail. 2016 is sure to be an exciting year with bright color options that will make the summer days brighter and the fall nights a bit warmer. The following explains more about the popular trends that are being offered from designers around the world and what you may want to add to your must-haves list.

Bright Prints

A current trend being seen on runways around the world are bold and fresh prints. Specifically, it is bright floral prints that appear to be making their way to the runways more and more often. These designs are being utilized on everything from shoes, to skirts, to tops and come in a wide variety of different color bases. While there are a variety of floral prints on trend, it appears that summer 2016 will be filled with soft pink floral prints and bright magenta options. The range and depth depends on the designer and the item of clothing upon which it is being placed. This is a trend, though, that will be seen a lot throughout the summer months. Beyond just the floral prints, it appears that many designers are choosing other bold, statement-making prints, too. Pink, green, and yellow hues are highlighted throughout the summer and fall collections.

Texturized Prints

Materials used in garments in the coming months of 2013 are not only going to look beautiful but feel amazing as well. Texturized prints with unique embellishments and cloth work are becoming ever popular options. Designers like this design option in that it provides the consumer with another level of depth in their outfits. It will look great to the eyes and be unique to the touch as well. Swimsuits are even seeing this texture trend. Flat matte materials or spandex styles are being replaced with texturized options that can create a conversation both in the water and outside of it. It is expected that this trend will remain through the fall and winter months as well.


The runways around the globe are also witnessing designers crafting garments with a more tribal or African print. Though the depth or intricacy of the garment varies from designer to designer, Asian collections especially are seeing the tribal feel being worked into their garments. Bead work that is not overt but subtle is a popular option designers are choosing and brings the tribal feel without being direct. There is a delicateness with which this design can be incorporated, unlike fashion trends of past decades. Further, these tribal inspirations are not being done in the traditional colors. Instead, designers are opting to replace the greens, browns, and tans with brighter and almost contradictory colors. The color variation brings depth to these pieces and shows a great range.

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