The Best Shoes To Wear In The Snow


We all know the usual attire of those heading out the door and into snowy conditions. The large puffy jackets, hoods, hats, gloves and, of course, warm and water-resistant shoes. There is one word to describe all these items – functional. Indeed, one of the reasons so many of us love the summer is because it is the season when it’s easiest to be fashionable. It follows then that the winter, by contrast, is seen as pretty anti-fashion. When it’s below zero outside, your first thought is to wrap up warm and stop your fingers and toes falling off, with looking your best pretty far down the list of priorities.

But it need not be like this. Of course, we all know about winter fashion and how to look dashing in the snow (no pun intended), but this again tends to fall by the wayside when you are expecting to be trapsing through a few feet of snow and treating your wet footwear with endless amounts of ShoeFresh. And of all clothing items, footwear is the one which most needs to be functional in such conditions. But again, you can still go elegantly shod even in the deepest snow, and the way to go about this is to learn what types of shoes are most resistant to this type of precipitation. And by types of shoes, we don’t mean the ones specifically designed for snow, but instead the materials and features which resist the snow best. With a good knowledge of that, you can let your creativity run wild and still keep your feet warm.

Types of Shoes for Snowy Weather

So, what are the kinds of shoes that work best in the snow? Naturally, a pair of high heels would be a disaster and a pair of canvas sneakers will get wet and see you go through endless cans of shoe deodorizer spray to banish the smell. And – to take things to a ridiculous extent – you can forget about sandals.

Here then are some of the best kinds of shoes for snowy weather. Restrict your shoe selection to the types of shoes on this list, and you will be surprised how much room there still is for fashionable expression.

Leather or Faux-Leather

Leather shoes have been traditionally the best kind to wear in the snow. But, to be clear, we’re not talking about black leather dress shoes here. Cowhide shoes are perfect for the snow and come in a wide variety of styles. There really is something for everyone.

Shoes with Lining for Insulation

Want to wear almost any style of shoe and protect your feet from the snow at the same time? Shoes with an insulating lining are perfect for this purpose as linings are to be found on the inside of the shoe. Outside can be any style.

Shoes with Good Traction

Shoes with large treads on the sole are what we mean here. What we do not mean is boots. It is remarkable the variety of different shoes that can have a good traction underneath. Ranging across different styles, you can always prevent yourself from slipping.

Waterproofed Shoes

Waterproofed shoes are not the same thing as waterproof shoes. Waterproof shoes are those composed of a waterproof material. Waterproofed shoes are those that have been treated to prevent water from entering the shoe (particularly around the seams). Technically, any shoe can be treated like this, giving you ample room for wardrobe creativity.

There are any number of shoes that are resistant to snowy weather, so there is no reason you can’t be both functional and fashionable.

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