Buy Mens Golf Clothes At Affordable Rates.


Golf is one of the most expensive sports with a per-day cost of PHP 3,500 excluding caddie fees. Also, golf has one of the most costly kits that can costs you anywhere between 26,000 to 35,000 Philippine peso. Golf is a game of equilibrium and etiquette, along with which comes its traditional attire. Some people may call it insignificant, but is it so? Read further to understand the significance of golf clothing and where to purchase the best mens golf clothing.

Importance of golf attire

One question that arises to many people is, why does golf have its separate attire? Some also ask, why can’t I wear a regular t-shirt or a jumper and my daily wear pajamas to the golf court? To begin with, let’s talk about mens golf clothing.

  • Men’s golf wear includes collared shirts, long pants with a cotton-polyester blend, or shorts with a flat front.
  • Their shoes must include metallic spikes or soft spikes.
  • Baseball hats or straw hats are the only kind of hats on a golf field.

The attire should be white, considering the scorching hot temperature you will be playing in.

This attire represents the tradition of golf and its etiquette that all golf players must cling on. A neat and clean dress code reflects the kind of player you are on the field, not to mention it makes you look stylish.

Astounding golf clothing at under armor 

We, at underarmour, boast about the high quality of our clothing and stylish looks. We have the most stunning sets of outfits for golf. Here are some of the highlighters of our golf clothing.

  1. Our premium range of golf clothing is 100% polyester blended material.
  2. Our collection of golf attire is made for extreme sweat-absorption and made with moisture-wicking materials.
  3. Keeps you dry and cool by ventilating air.
  4. All clothes are made with anti-odor technology to block any kind-of microbial growth due to sweat.
  5. Stretchable in all directions.
  6. We have ensured comfort in all sizes that range from small to XXL.
  7. Easy to wash


Wearing complete golf attire is mandatory as it displays your professionalism. Also, it is salient to wear white color gear on the field as humidity is at its highest in a golf field. Be sure to check out our website to purchase imported and high-quality golf clothes and more.

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