Select the perfect sports bra based on your activities and body type


The majority of the females finds the job of picking a sports bra difficult and arduous. But the truth is, selecting the perfect sports bra can be a simple process just as choosing any other form of clothing. After all, everything comes down to one thing that is the proper fit. Here the trick is determining your needs and accordingly narrowing down the choice from there. You may not be aware of the fact that there are a wide variety of athletic bras available in the market these days and each serves a different purpose. Ladies with larger busts will need more support compared to average girls and similarly what will work perfectly for any high impact sport naturally will not be the ideal choice for yoga. 

Now the question is what will be the best way of narrowing down the choices? First and foremost is in defining the impact and type of activity. This can be broadly categorized into 3 levels of impact namely,

High impact activity– under this category includes sports such as volleyball, basketball and other extreme sports. While playing any high impact activity, it is a must for the sportsperson to wear a good quality, high impact sports bra that will offer her utmost compression and control for reducing bounce and providing her maximum support. Even activities like aerobics and running also need a high impact bra 

Medium impact activity– under this category includes activities such as skiing, mountain biking or hiking in the rough terrains. While participating in these activities wearing a medium impact sports bra will offer one the right compression to her breasts and also at the same time offer more support against the control and bounce 

Low impact activity- under this category includes activities such as skating, bike riding and walking. Such activities need minimal bounce control but provide enough breast support. For such activities wearing a low impact sports bra are a must wear one’s breast will not feel much bounce 

After knowing under which category your activity falls into, the next step is in deciding the style of sports bra that will best suit your purpose. If for instance you are actually involved in all the 3 categories, then it is essential for you to buy more than a single style of the sports bra and also ensure to wear the right one for the related activity. 

If you enjoy high to medium impact activities then choose a sports bra that comes with a compression design. It will work wonders in keeping the breast pressed to the chest that will reduce bounce as well as injury. This bra is ideal for those with a very active lifestyle. On the other hand, if you enjoy playing low impact activities, then you should wear an encapsulation sports bra, you may match with your perfect short or matching Yoga pants if you are going for Yoga.  The speciality of this bra is that it will offer individual support to each breast. It will offer a feminine shape indeed. An encapsulation sports bra is also ideal for females having larger cup sizes as it will offer individual support. 

The market is flooded with sports bras of different styles. Choose a type that fits your body and activity type and feel the difference. 

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