Professional Tips You Should Follow Before a Spray Tan


Getting a spray tan is a great way to keep your skin nice and tanned throughout the year, whether it’s in the winter months or the summer months, without exposing yourself to potentially harmful and unpredictable sunlight or artificial UV lights. Spray tans are so popular that they are common services at most salons; if you’re thinking about getting a spray tan and have never had one before, or have had them in the past but haven’t had much professional guidance; you should consider the following professional tips before you get your spray tan.

Tip: Avoid certain activities and types of water for at least 12 hours after your tan

The first 24-48 hours after your spray tan are crucial in ensuring it has better longevity. You should avoid getting wet at all for at least 2 hours after your spray tan–longer, if possible–and you will need to avoid anything that exfoliates your skin naturally for at least 12 hours minimum. These naturally exfoliating activities include taking a bath and swimming in a chlorinated pool. You should ask your salon when it is okay for you to take a regular shower, since this can depend on your skin and what level spray tan you received.

Tip: Don’t wear deodorant when you’re getting a spray tan

Putting on deodorant is probably instinctive before you head out, but it’s important not to wear any deodorant while you’re getting a spray tan. Why? Because the deodorant will actually create a barrier between your skin and the spray tan, causing it to be poorly absorbed or not absorbed at all.

Tip: Remember that your spray tan will develop more after you shower

You might be worried when you see that your spray tan looks too faded after you shower for the first time, but remember that your spray tan’s color will actually develop over the next 12 hours.

Tip: Leave the makeup and moisturizer at home the day of your tan—and exfoliate 24 hours beforehand

In general, it’s best to avoid having anything on your skin when you’re planning to get a spray tan. This includes makeup and moisturizers, which can interfere with the absorption process. You shouldn’t wear makeup or moisturizer on your skin the day that you’re getting the tan—but 24 hours before you plan in getting it, you should give yourself a full body exfoliation and moisturize your skin to help prepare your skin for the spray. Never exfoliate yourself in the hours after you receive the tan as this will remove the color.

Tip: Use tan extenders to increase longevity

Tan extenders can help increase the longevity of your spray tan as long as you use them properly and you’re using an extender that is compatible with the type of spray tan you received. You should ask the salon where you’re getting your spray tan for recommendations on tan extenders, since they will be more familiar with what works with their particular spray tan.

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