Best Men’s coats for festivals


Heading off to a festival in the warmer weather? Expect some rain the warmer weather we see more rain than in winter and. It’s an inconvenience, but it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a night out. There is nothing worse than being stoked to be at your favorite bands show then end up being drenched for most it. It’s time to invest in a new waterproof jacket before your next festival comes up.Here are a few of the best men’s coats for festivalsthat are waterproof.We want comfort, durability and a breathable jacket with some extras like big pockets and a range of prices to suit all budgets. Here are the jackets for festivals that have all these included.

The Helly Hansen jacket

This is a jacket that is reliable and is an outdoor brand with the reliable durability and is found in the lower section of the price range. It is made from a breathable fabric and works well for a festival jacket being fully waterproof with a drawstring hood to make sure no rain sneaks through.The pockets are big and deep to store mobile phones and wallets to keep them safe when dancing around at festivals. This jacket comes in festival designs and colors that are bright and bold, but also dark colors like black and blue if you prefer a more understated look.

Sherpa lithang jacket

You can appreciate this jacket with generous pockets for all your valuables. The breast pockets are large enough to store items but better than that is the generous pockets down the side that pretty much cover the whole torso area. This jacket is designed for outdoors making it weather proof and versatile. Side vents for a breathable men’s jacket and the interior is very soft and comfortable.Again, a jacket with an array of colors suitable for festivals. The price of this jacket is budget friendly also that will last you for years with many more festivals to come.

The Patagonia Men’s pullover

This is a jacket you can pullover that is very lightweight and breathable.This jacket does not restrict your body movements and offers complete comfort.A chest zipper down the front to aid in ventilation if needed and big front pockets where you can store your personal items and a few snacks for the festival.The jacket is waterproof with a breathable mesh. The fabric has been blue sign approved so the dyes and methods in making the jacket are deemed safe for workers and important the environment.

Petagonia is a reliable and trusted brand name for their quality and the popular styles and designs.

The Finisterre guy cotton jacket is another outdoor brand making it work for festivals out and outdoor activities. The jacket is a loose-fitting style with elasticated cuffs and a drawstring hood to help keep the cold wind out. With a waterproof finish, this jacket is the perfect option when the weather is wet, but the festival is still going ahead. Velcro large pockets making it easier to get things out in a hurry. This jacket comes khaki or navy colors.

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